What is the best dirt for a baseball infield?

What is the best dirt for a baseball infield?

Ideal mix for baseball and softball fields consists of approximately 40% clay/silt and 60% sand.

What is baseball infield mix?

This product is a mixture of our loam and red lava sand, and is a popular blend for baseball fields and tracks. We sell this mix in three ratios: 50/50 loam to lava sand, 60/40 loam to lava sand, and 70/30 loam to lava sand. The 50/50 blend is our most popular, all-purpose choice.

How deep should infield mix be?

When constructing a new field or rebuilding an existing one, the general depth of the infield material for the baselines is approximately 5 inches. The depth, the type of material used and the subbase components are subject to budgetary constraints.

How do you make a baseball infield softer?

…Too Soft If the skinned area is too soft, wet the area down thoroughly and allow to soak in. Drag with a steel-link mat. Add weight to help compact the soil. If the sand content is too high or if the clay content is too low the soil may need to be modified.

What is baseball infield dirt called?

Today major league clubs often use a sports dirt mix called Beam Clay, made by Partac Peat Corp. Its dirts for the diamond, pitcher’s mound, and home plate contain different ratios of red clay (for firmness) and orange sand (for drainage and softness).

What kind of dirt does MLB use?

For Major League Baseball, the infield mix is a bit different: 55 percent sand, 30 percent clay, and 15 percent silt. The key to these three components existing in a Field of Dreams harmony is the moisture level associated with the mix.

How much dirt is needed for a baseball infield?

Baseball – Skinned Infield Area & Infield Mix Needed

Area of Skinned Infield Dirt Needed for 1″ Depth
70′ Bases Grass Infield 6,800 sq ft 21 yds
70′ Bases Skinned Infield 10,700 sq ft 33 yds
60′ Bases Grass Infield 3,850 sq ft 12 yds
60′ Bases Skinned Infield 6,700 sq ft 21 yds

How do you make an infield mix?

We have all heard the numbers, an infield mix should be 70% sand, and 30% evenly split between silt and clay. Without a true particle size analysis you may think you have plenty of clay content, but you may actually be playing on silt.

What dirt do MLB fields use?

What is baseball diamond dirt made of?

Ballfield dirt is a blend of water and three grades of sediment: sand, silt, and clay.

Does MLB still rub mud on balls?

According to the official Lena Blackburne Baseball Rubbing Mud site, it is now used by Major League Baseball, the minor leagues, most independent leagues and many colleges.

What is the best infield mix for softball and baseball?

Diamond Pro Infield Mix: From Diamond Pro, this mix uses screened clay and features a 60% sand to 40% silt and clay ratio. To learn more about our range of field maintenance equipment and accessories or for help selecting the best mix for your softball or baseball infield, contact the experts at SportsFields4u today.

Why choose the right infield mix?

When it comes to softball and baseball field construction and maintenance, choosing the right infield mix is critical to safe and satisfying game play. Without a good mix, players can be injured or games can be delayed longer due to rain.

What is the best sand mix for a baseball field?

Turface SAF Diamond Elite: This mix is a beautiful red color that can add an aesthetic touch to your ballfield. Furthermore, it can be custom blended to your specifications, though is generally provided with 60% sand, and 20% each of silt and clay.

What is the difference between turface SAF Diamond Select and elite?

Turface SAF Diamond Select: With a sand content at 70%, this infield mix is meant to be easier to maintain and offers consistency above all else. Turface SAF Diamond Elite: This mix is a beautiful red color that can add an aesthetic touch to your ballfield.


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