What is the best grow light reflector?

What is the best grow light reflector?

Best Grow Light Reflector

Reflector Type Price
Adjust-A-Wing Series Open $$
Sun System Blockbuster Air Cooled $$
Apollo Horticulture Gull Wing Open $
iPower Littlesun Cool Tube $

Do grow lights need reflectors?

When we are looking at High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting like HPS, the purpose of a grow light reflector is to efficiently get that light down into your crop—while spreading that light evenly or uniformly over the crop. The right grow light reflector will increase your light output.

What color light is best for hydroponics?

Blue is the most important light for plant growth, because it is readily absorbed by chlorophyll and converted into energy through photosynthesis. That said, blue light on its own is not nearly as effective as blue combined with red.

What is a reflector for indoor growing?

They’re basically a glass tube that you need to place around the bulb, which is where the extraction air passes through and removes any excess heat being thrown out by the bulb. This reflector is perfect if you can’t afford a higher reflection capacity but you still need to cool down your grow room or grow tent.

What is the purpose of the reflector in a light fixture?

The reflector serves to direct more of the light produced from the lamps out of the fixture. As fixtures age, inner surfaces lose some reflectivity. Delamping and installing reflectors can be a very good retrofit in situations where older fixtures oxidize or become discolored.

Do regular LED lights help plants grow?

Can a regular light bulb help plants grow? Yes, as long as it delivers enough PAR light to your plants. LED lights are great because they’re energy-efficient, emit little heat, and last for years. However, it’s probably best to get a horticultural light for plants with high light requirements.


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