What is the best treatment for glossitis?

What is the best treatment for glossitis?

Treatment may include:

  • Good oral care. Brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day and floss at least once a day.
  • Antibiotics or other medicines to treat infection.
  • Diet changes and supplements to treat nutrition problems.
  • Avoiding irritants (such as hot or spicy foods, alcohol, and tobacco) to ease discomfort.

Which vitamin is responsible for glossitis?

Vitamin B12 deficiency results in megaloblastic anemia and may present as glossitis. The appearance of the tongue in vitamin B12 deficiency is described as “beefy” or “fiery red and sore”. There may be linear or patchy red lesions.

What causes median rhomboid glossitis?

Causes. Predisposing factors include smoking, denture wearing, use of corticosteroid sprays or inhalers and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. Candida species even in healthy people mainly colonizes the posterior dorsal tongue.

What causes glossitis of the tongue?

Possible causes of glossitis include an allergy or infection, an injury to the tongue, or a nutrition problem. Most cases of glossitis are minor and can be treated at home. Glossitis may change how you chew, swallow, or speak until it goes away.

How can I treat glossitis at home?

Avoid spicy or hot foods and citrus fruits like orange juice or lemons that can make the swelling of glossitis worse. Rinse your mouth with a mixture of a half-teaspoon of baking soda in 1 cup of warm water. Floss your teeth every day. Brush your teeth at least two times a day.

Can glossitis be cured?

Generally, glossitis responds well to treatment once a doctor has determined the underlying cause. Doctors may prescribe medications for people with glossitis that is caused by disease or infection. Antibiotic, antifungal, or antiviral drugs may help clear up a bacterial, fungal, or viral infection, respectively.

What does lack of vitamin b2 cause?

The signs and symptoms of riboflavin deficiency (also known as ariboflavinosis) include skin disorders, hyperemia (excess blood) and edema of the mouth and throat, angular stomatitis (lesions at the corners of the mouth), cheilosis (swollen, cracked lips), hair loss, reproductive problems, sore throat, itchy and red …

Can median rhomboid glossitis be cured?

Median rhomboid glossitis is a benign condition so no treatment is necessary. If patients are symptomatic and/or desire treatment, topical anti-yeast treatments, such as nystatin suspension or clotrimazole troches, can be tried for a 2-week period.

Is Median rhomboid glossitis benign?

Median rhomboid glossitis is a benign condition clinically characterized by a red, usually smooth, sometimes elevated rhomboid shaped lesion on the central part of the dorsum of the tongue just anterior to the circumvallate papillae.

What vitamin is good for tongue?

Iron and vitamin B12 deficiency also appears to affect filiform papillae of the tongue. Geographic tongue is a lesion that affects the lingual papillae. It has been shown that zinc sulfate can positively contribute to the treatment of geographic tongue.

Can Vitamin B12 deficiency cause sore tongue?

Clinical Findings in Tongue Pathology Nutritional deficiencies include iron, folate and vitamin B12 deficiency. B12 deficiency will also make the tongue sore and beefy-red in color. Glossitis, by causing swelling of the tongue, may also cause the tongue to appear smooth.


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