What is the best weapon in bf3?

What is the best weapon in bf3?

Based off of stats, the aek 971 is the best gun without a doubt. Due to it’s high rate of fire, it can handle in close quarters situations well. Due to it’s low recoil and stability, it can get kills from farer distances than other guns.

What guns are in bf2042?

Battlefield 2042: Every Gun in The Game

  • M5A3 (Assault Rifle)
  • AK-24 (Assault Rifle)
  • SFAR-M GL (Assault Rifle)
  • AC-42 (Assault Rifle)
  • PBX-45 (SMG)
  • PP-29 (SMG)
  • MP9 (SMG)
  • K30 (SMG)

How many guns will be in bf2042?

22 weapons
There are 22 weapons available in Battlefield 2042, but to start with, you’ll find seven weapons for you to try – one for each weapon type. The more you play, the more you’ll unlock, and the more you use a weapon, the more attachments you’ll unlock for it.

How do you unlock K30 in Battlefield 2042?

The K30 will unlock when you reach Level 53.

What’s the best gun in Battlefield 2042?

SVK. The SVK is a dominant marksman rifle that takes out most enemies in two shots, regardless of where you hit them on the body or how far away you are. While you might still get outgunned by a DXR shot to the end, the SVK’s fire rate, stability, and devastating damage make this one of the best weapons in the game.

How many guns are in bf2042 beta?

Similar to previous entries, there’s a healthy suite of guns that players can unlock and use to slay their foes. There are a total of 22 weapons — most of which won’t be available when you first load up the game.

How many weapons did Battlefield 4 have at launch?

But, you do end up with weapons that no one uses, like the SAR21 and FAMAS in the AR category. Among the 84 primary weapons currently in the game, how many of them do you think are being used?

Will there be more weapons in Battlefield 2042?

Away from the Portal mode, Xbox players who managed to access the game early found that the core Battlefield 2042 will launch with just 22 weapons, broken up into no more than four per category.

How many weapons are in Battlefield 2042?

From its maps to weapons, Battlefield 2042 isn’t an exception, and players get to engage in epic battles while playing one of the specialists, the replacement for the class system. Considering it’s only been a while since the game was released, there are only 22 weapons in the game.


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