What is the Cpdf?

What is the Cpdf?

The Central Personnel Data File (CPDF) system is an automated information system containing individual records for most Federal civilian employees. From data submitted by the agencies, OPM creates a status file and a dynamics file.

What is a reassignment OPM?

Definition of Reassignment “. . . a change of an employee, while serving continuously within the same agency, from one position to another without promotion or demotion.”

What does the OPM mean?

U.S. Office of Personnel Management
Our Agency The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) serves as the chief human resources agency and personnel policy manager for the Federal Government.

What are Noa codes?

NOA codes are the specific personnel action used to create or change a civilian personnel record.

Is a reassignment an adverse action?

What does this mean? Employers have the ability to temporarily reassign employees based upon legitimate business needs. If a reassignment does not have any tangible impact on the employee’s employment, this will not be considered an adverse employment action.

What does voluntary reassignment mean?

“Voluntary reassignment” is any action initiated on behalf of the employee to be reassigned to a different position. 319.3 Authority. The following individuals are the approving officials for reassignments and changes in duty location: (1) Chief, NRCS – agencywide.

Who is the head of personnel department?

Personnel manager
Personnel manager is the head of personnel department. He performs both managerial and operative functions of management. His role can be summarized as : Personnel manager provides assistance to top management- The top management are the people who decide and frame the primary policies of the concern.

What does Reg WRI mean?

Within-range Increase
Within-range Increase (WRI) is an increase in an employee’s rate of basic pay >within the pay range for his grade, band, or level (excluding an increase granted automatically to keep pace with an adjustment in pay structure).

What does job reassignment mean?

Reassignment: • A reassignment is when an appointing authority makes changes to an employee’s current position. It may result in. movement within the same organizational unit or another organizational unit, a change in duties, work location, days of work, or hours of work.

What’s the meaning of reassignment?

: to assign (something or someone) again especially in a new or different way …


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