What is the element produced when actinium undergoes alpha decay?

What is the element produced when actinium undergoes alpha decay?

Protactinium (Pr) is element number 91. It has 91 protons and 75 neutrons. Alpha decay reduces the atomic number by 2 and the atomic number (also, and better, called ‘nucleon number’) by 4 (2 protons and 2 neutrons). The product element is element number 89, actinium (Ac), with 162 nucleons, so Ac-162.

Is actinium an alpha emitter?

Actinium-225 is unique among alpha emitters because it only has a 10-day half-life. (An isotope’s half-life is the amount of time it takes to decay to half of its original amount.)

What elements can undergo alpha decay?

Alpha decay usually occurs in heavy nuclei such as uranium or plutonium, and therefore is a major part of the radioactive fallout from a nuclear explosion. Since an alpha particle is relatively more massive than other forms of radioactive decay, it can be stopped by a sheet of paper and cannot penetrate human skin.

What happens when an element undergoes alpha decay?

Explanation: In radioactive decay, an atom will lose protons, and therefore forms new elements. In alpha decay, an alpha particle (a helium nucleus) is emitted from the radioactive atom, and the atom therefore loses 2 protons, and becomes a new element.

Why is 225 Actinium scarce?

The majority of 225Ac results from the alpha decay of 229Th, but this supply is limited because the decay of 229Th (half-life 7340 years) is relatively slow due to its relatively long half-life.

What is AC 225 used for?

Ac-225, a decay product of thorium-229, is used for targeted alpha therapy treatment for certain types of prostate, brain and neuroendocrine cancers. The high-energy alpha particles it releases can interrupt DNA processes, keeping cancer cells from replicating or even killing them altogether.

How is actinium 225 obtained?

Actinium occurs naturally in association with uranium radionuclides and 225Ac can be obtained either from the decay of 233U or from the neutron transmutation of 226Ra by successive n,γ capture decay reactions via 227Ac, 228Th to 229Th [10–12].

How is actinium 225 produced?

It can be produced with medical-isotope cyclotrons with a proton energy of at least 16 MeV using the reaction Ra-226(p,2n)Ac-225. It can also be produced by using high-energy protons (150 to 800 MeV) for spallation of a thorium target.

What is alpha decay example?

α-decay: When a radioactive nucleus disintegrates by emitting an αα-particle, the atomic number decreases by two and mass number decreases by four. Example: 88Ra226→86Rn222+2He4.

Which nuclear equation is an example of alpha decay?

In the alpha decay of U238 (Equation 17.3. 1), both atomic and mass numbers are conserved: mass number: 238=4+234. atomic number: 92=2+90.

What happens when a radioactive element emits an alpha particle?

Alpha particles consist of two protons and two neutrons . When a nucleus emits an alpha particle, these changes happen: the mass number decreases by 4. the atomic number decreases by 2.


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