What is the history of Agusan del Sur?

What is the history of Agusan del Sur?

The province was established on June 17, 1967 when the former Province of Agusan was divided into two new independent provinces: Agusan del Norte and Agusan del Sur. The Province of Agusan del Sur is divided into 13 municipalities and 1 city. The capital is the municipality of Prosperidad.

What is the city of Bunawan Agusan del Sur?

Bunawan, officially the Municipality of Bunawan (Cebuano: Lungsod sa Bunawan; Tagalog: Bayan ng Bunawan), is a 1st class municipality in the province of Agusan del Sur, Agusan, Philippines. According to the 2020 census, it has a population of 47,512 people. Bunawan was created on June 21, 1959, through Republic Act No.

How many barangay are there in Bunawan Agusan del Sur?

Its population as determined by the 2020 Census was 47,512. This represented 6.43% of the total population of Agusan del Sur province, or 1.69% of the overall population of the Caraga region….Contents.

Type municipality
Region Caraga (Region XIII)
Province Agusan del Sur
Barangay count 10
Postal code 8506

What are the different cultures in Agusan del Sur?

English, Cebuano, Boholano, Ilongo, Manobo, Hilligaynon, Butuanon and Surigaonon, Ilocano, Muslim, Kamayo.

Who is the congressman of Agusan del Sur?

Agusan del Sur’s 1st congressional district
Major settlements Bayugan, Esperanza, Prosperidad, San Luis, Sibagat, Talacogon
Current constituency
Representative Alfel Bascug
Political party NUP

What barangay is bunawan?

Bunawan City of Davao Bunawan , formerly Poblacion, is a barangay in Davao City. Its population as determined by the 2020 Census was 24,073. This represented 1.35% of the total population of Davao City.

What is bunawan festival?

Festivals. HAW-AN FESTIVAL – celebrated every January 26 and named after from local mudfish and inspired by its abundance. It is highlighted by motocross, pole climbing, pig hunting, boat racing, haw-an hunting and sadsad sa Bunawan or street dancing that showcases the Manobo’s rich and vibrant culture.

How many city are there in Surigao del Sur?

two cities
Surigao del Sur is subdivided into 17 municipalities and two cities. These municipalities are subdivided into 309 barangays and has two congressional districts.

What mountain is found in the province of Agusan del Norte?

Pantaron Mountain Range

Pantaron Mountain Range
Area 12,600 km2 (4,900 sq mi)
Country Philippines
Provinces Misamis Oriental, Bukidnon, Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Sur, Davao del Norte and Davao del Sur


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