What is the largest American Legion Post?

What is the largest American Legion Post?

American Legion Post 347
American Legion Post 347 in Lady Lake is now officially the largest American Legion Post in the world. That bragging right became official June 30 when the final membership numbers were tallied across the globe. The official membership at Post 347 now stands at 4,365.

How many Legion posts are there?

12,000 posts
The American Legion has more than 12,000 posts in communities throughout the United States.

What does an American Legion Post do?

American Legion posts throughout the nation and around the world provide direct volunteer services to military installations, National Guard armories and Reserve centers by working closely with the commands and public affairs personnel.

Can a daughter of a veterans join the American Legion?

Membership in the American Legion Auxiliary is currently open to grandmothers, mothers, sisters, spouses, and direct and adopted female descendants of eligible veterans.

How many Legion posts are there in Florida?

300 Legion Posts
The American Legion, Department of Florida proudly stands at over 130,000 members with more than 300 Legion Posts across the state.

Is the American Legion?

The American Legion, commonly known as the Legion, is a nonprofit organization of U.S. war veterans headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana….American Legion.

American Legion National Headquarters Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Membership (2018) ~1,800,000
National Commander Paul E. Dillard (TX) Since September 2, 2021

How are legion posts numbered?

In the first years of the Legion, when a flood of applications for initial post charters came in, posts in many departments were assigned a number based on when they turned in their application – thus the first applying post in each department would have been named Post 1.

Does American Legion help with VA claims?

The American Legion has more than 2,500 accredited claims representatives nationwide who assist veterans in filing their VA disability claims. It also has more than a dozen full-time employees who help veterans appeal claims that have been denied by VA.


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