What is the meaning of Anfractuous?

What is the meaning of Anfractuous?

Definition of anfractuous : full of windings and intricate turnings : tortuous.

How do you use the word Anfractuous in a sentence?

Anfractuous in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The couple struggled to get through the anfractuous maze, constantly getting lost in the twists and turns.
  2. Turns in the anfractuous tunnels can be confusing for even those who have a map.
  3. The mall’s anfractuous hallways seemed to be a never-ending maze of winding walls.

How do you use rigmarole in a sentence?

1 He had to go through the usual rigmarole of signing legal papers in order to complete the business deal. 2 Then the whole rigmarole starts over again. 3 I’ve never heard such a rigmarole. 4 I don’t want to go through the rigmarole of taking him to court.

What does Adumbration mean?

1 : to foreshadow vaguely : intimate the social unrest that adumbrated the French Revolution. 2 : to suggest, disclose, or outline partially adumbrate a plan. 3 : overshadow, obscure bubbling optimism, not at all adumbrated by difficulties.

Where did the word circuitous come from?

If you guessed that circuitous is related to circuit, you’re right—both words come from Latin circuitus, the past participle of the verb circumire, meaning “to go around.” Circumire is derived, in turn, from Latin circum, meaning “around,” plus ire, which means “to go.” Other circum descendants making the rounds in …

What is the origin of rigmarole?

rigmarole (n.) “a long, rambling discourse; incoherent harangue,” 1736, apparently from an altered, Kentish colloquial survival of ragman roll “long list, roster, or catalogue” (c. 1500). The origins of this are in Middle English rageman “document recording accusations or offenses,” also “an accuser” (late 13c.).

Is there such a word as rigmarole?

Any long, foolish, confusing speech or discourse can be called a rigmarole — think of the speeches and interviews shown on Television. Rigmarole can also be used to refer to any long, complicated procedure. The word comes from ‘ragman roll’, a game children played in the past.


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