What is the meaning of the song Rum and Coca Cola by Lord Invader?

What is the meaning of the song Rum and Coca Cola by Lord Invader?

The song “Rum and Coca Cola” is about the mothers and daughters of Trinidad who provided pleasure and hospitality to the Yankee soldiers for money. The song mentions that the Yankee men were nice to the women in Trinidad, that’s why the women were attracted to them.

Who sang the song Rum and Coca Cola?

The Andrews Sisters
Rum and Coca-Cola/Artists

What year did the Andrews Sisters record rum and Coca Cola?

Rum and Coca-Cola/Released

Where is Lord Invader from?

San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago
Lord Invader/Place of birth

Which instrument is associated with calypso?

Common calypso instruments include a drum set, Latin percussion (such as bongos, congas, and timbales), bass guitar, acoustic or electric guitars, trumpets, trombones, saxophones, and multiple vocalists. Steel pan is also a common instrument in a calypso band.

Which instrument is strongly associated with calypso?

The calypso singer either sets his verse to a stock melody or invents a tune of his own. Favourite accompanying instruments are the shak-shak (maraca), guitar, cuatro (a string instrument), and tamboo-bamboo (bamboo poles of various lengths struck on the ground).

Are the Andrews Sisters sisters?

The group consisted of three sisters: contralto LaVerne Sophia (July 6, 1911 – May 8, 1967), soprano Maxene Anglyn (January 3, 1916 – October 21, 1995), and mezzo-soprano Patricia “Patty” Marie (February 16, 1918 – January 30, 2013)….

The Andrews Sisters
Origin Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.

What are the names of the Andrews Sisters?

Patty Andrews
Maxene AndrewsLaVerne Andrews
The Andrews Sisters/Members

The preeminent singing sister act of all time with well over 75 million records sold by which the swinging big-band era could not be better represented were the fabulous Andrews Sisters: the blonde melodic mezzo Patty Andrews, the brunette soprano Maxene Andrews and the red-headed contralto Laverne Andrews.

What is Lord Invader real name?

Rupert Westmore Grant
Lord Invader (Rupert Westmore Grant; 13 December 1914 – 15 October 1961) was a prominent calypsonian with a very distinctive, gravelly voice. He was born in San Fernando, Trinidad.

Why is it called calypso?

Calypso music first emerged in the eighteenth century in Trinidad among communities of African slaves. The musical style was an evolution of West African kaiso, and the satirical lyrics often mocked slave masters through double entendre.


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