What is there to do in Reykjavik for kids?

What is there to do in Reykjavik for kids?

Top things to do in Reykjavik with kids

  • Walk along the scenic waterfront.
  • Take in the views from Hallgrímskirkja Observation Tower.
  • Spend an afternoon in Laugardalur (swimming pool, botanical gardens, zoo, and much more!)
  • Visit a hot spring.
  • Visit a museum.
  • Go bird spotting at Lake Tjörnin.

Is Reykjavik good for children?

As a travel destination, Iceland stands out as one of the most family-friendly places you can visit. The local culture offers an attitude of general safety, and it is common for native kids to play outside, even after dark, when the cold winter months provide only limited sunlight each day.

What do children do for fun in Iceland?

Visiting Iceland with kids means exploring one of the safest countries in the world. And there are few other places where you can hike a glacier, bask in the spray of waterfalls, ride Icelandic horses down the coast, or take a super-jeep tour to the rim of an active volcano.

How do people spend Christmas in Iceland?

Top things to do in Iceland

  1. Find the Northern lights.
  2. Explore an Ice cave.
  3. Go on a Road trip.
  4. Do the Golden circle.
  5. Visit Reykjavik.
  6. Bathe in the Blue lagoon.
  7. See the Glacier lagoon.
  8. Discover the South coast.

Is the Blue Lagoon safe?

The answer is a resounding yes. At least as far as scientists know. The silica-rich water in the Blue lagoon and also in Myvatn Nature Baths are not just safe but likely healthy too.

How long can you stay at Blue Lagoon?

Even though the last slot of the day is not as popular, the lagoon will likely remain full as there’s no time limit. How long to spend at the Blue Lagoon depends on you, though most people opt to spend at least two hours.

How is Iceland in December?

With the temperature ranging from -1°C to 4°C, December in Iceland is pleasantly cold and bearable. Being the darkest month, the days during this time are the shortest and nights utterly gorgeous. The dancing Aurora Borealis covers the sky for most of the night, while the daylight stays for only four hours.

What does Iceland do for fun?

Popular Activities in Iceland

  • Glacier Adventures. It’s easy to get close to a glacier in Iceland.
  • Spas and Swimming. Icelanders have one of the longest life expectancies in the world.
  • Hiking. Iceland is a hiker’s paradise.
  • Caving.
  • Horseback Riding.
  • Kayaking and River-Rafting.
  • Scuba Diving and Snorkeling.
  • Bird Watching.

Is Iceland Baby Friendly?

And with a family-friendly culture, easy access to necessities for a baby, and one of the safest countries in the World, Iceland is the perfect place to head off for an international adventure with your little ones. We even have a tour package dedicated to families and their needs.

What is Reykjavik like at Christmas?

Reykjavik is a beautiful city all year long, but during Christmas time it really shines. Starting in the middle of November you will see Christmas lights going up all over the city. The downtown streets are lined with twinkling lights and fully decorated Christmas trees can be seen all around town.

What is there to do in Reykjavik on Christmas Day?

Top things to do in Iceland

  • Find the Northern lights.
  • Explore an Ice cave.
  • Go on a Road trip.
  • Do the Golden circle.
  • Visit Reykjavik.
  • Bathe in the Blue lagoon.
  • See the Glacier lagoon.
  • Discover the South coast.


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