What is trending for kitchens in 2021?

What is trending for kitchens in 2021?

Top 2021 Kitchen Trends with Long-Lasting Style

  • Warm Colors. While white remains the favorite kitchen color scheme, warmer shades will soon supersede the cool tones of recent years.
  • Organic Style.
  • Touchless Faucets.
  • Decorative Range Hoods.
  • Increased Storage.
  • Strong Outdoor Connections.
  • Large Islands.
  • Specialty Ovens.

What is the most fashionable kitchen colour?

Top 10 kitchen colours increasing in popularity this year

  • Terrazzo tiles. The terrazzo trend is still going strong.
  • Green kitchen. From soft sage to dark mossy hues, green kitchens are the best way to bring the outside in.
  • Touches of pink.
  • Splashes of teal.
  • Black and white.
  • Go red.
  • Orange kitchen.
  • Light grey.

What’s in fashion for kitchens?

Green cabinetry and accessories Most likely to take the form of tiles and cabinetry, in tones of emerald, forest green and more subtly, sage. ‘The trend for bold, dark hues was prominent throughout 2020. And in 2021, green kitchen cabinetry is a new, key style,’ says Hayley Simmons, Head of Merchandising for Magnet.

Are GREY kitchen cabinets a fad?

These days, more and more homeowners are ditching traditional white or brown wood cabinetry in favor of rich grays in their kitchen. And it’s not a surprising trend because unlike some color schemes, gray offers the perfect balance of warmth and neutrality, working well in nearly any size kitchen.

Are Mereway kitchens good quality?

The better-quality brands can usually be found in the independent showrooms, rather than the chains. On the whole, Mereway Kitchens compare reasonably well in quality to these. Their quality is about average for these brands, and considerably superior to the budget flat-packs.

Why buy from Mereway retailers?

Our dedicated retailers are experts on our products and can enthusiastically take you around their showroom to provide in-depth knowledge and features of a Mereway kitchen & bathroom, where you can discover the fine quality and endless choice of colour with an experienced kitchen designer.

How many colour combinations does Mereway offer?

We wouldn’t like any customer to feel restricted with our range, which is why we have one of the most extensive colour combinations. Your Mereway kitchen has the capability to create over 250 different colour combinations in kitchen cabinets and doors, ensuring you’ll be spoilt for choice.

How do I find the nearest Mereway showroom?

Enter your postcode below to find your nearest retailer. We are currently in the process of updating our nearest showroom list for our Mereway Bathrooms, Urban Living Bathrooms and Knightsbridge Bathrooms ranges, please contact us at [email protected] and we will get in touch with the details of your nearest showroom.


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