What is used to disinfect medical instruments?

What is used to disinfect medical instruments?

Steam Sterilization Most sterile processing departments have steam sterilizers called autoclaves. The autoclave applies intense pressure and heat to destroy all microorganisms on an object. With steam sterilization, an appropriate decontaminant is used to clean the outside surfaces of the medical equipment.

How surgical instruments are disinfected?

They can be sterilized by dry heat for 1-2 hours at 170 C. Instruments are no longer stored in liquid antiseptic. Sharp instruments, other delicate equipment and certain catheters and tubes can be sterilised by exposure to formaldehyde, glutaral, or cholorohexidine.

How do you clean and sterilize medical instruments?

Chemical Sterilization – using an array of chemicals like ethylene oxide, hydrogen peroxide, and bleach, chemical sterilization works to kill pathogens on contact. For this to be effective, the equipment has to be submerged in a solution for a period of time so that the pathogens die.

What is the most commonly used hospital disinfectant?

Hypochlorite. Hypochlorites are the most commonly used chlorine disinfectants. Sodium Hypochlorite is commercially available as household bleach. This EPA-registered chemical is stable and fast acting.

How do hospitals clean surgical instruments?

Surgical instruments should be presoaked or rinsed to prevent drying of blood and to soften or remove blood from the instruments. Cleaning is done manually in use areas without mechanical units (e.g., ultrasonic cleaners or washer-disinfectors) or for fragile or difficult-to-clean instruments.

What is medical disinfectant?

(DIS-in-fek-tunt) Any substance or process that is used primarily on non-living objects to kill germs, such as viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms that can cause infection and disease.

How do you sterilize lab equipment?

Wet Heat (Autoclaving) Autoclaving is the most popular method of lab sterilization. This process uses pressurized steam to heat the item that requires sterilization. Autoclaving is an incredibly effective procedure. It will effectively kill all microbes, spores and viruses.

What can I use instead of an autoclave?

The only other alternative to an autoclave, pre-sterilized disposables and chemical baths that’s worth considering is a dry heat sterilizer. Dry heat sterilizers can effectively sterilize tattoo and piercing tools, but they require more energy and time to do so.


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