What is vivo bioluminescence imaging?

What is vivo bioluminescence imaging?

In vivo bioluminescent imaging (BLI) is a versatile and sensitive tool that is based on detection of light emission from cells or tissues. Bioluminescence has been used to track tumor cells, bacterial and viral infections, gene expression, and treatment response.

How does in vivo bioluminescence work?

In vivo bioluminescence imaging (BLI) has partly fulfilled this dream: it enables the monitoring and tracking of genes, protein interactions, cells, or small organisms by the emission of visible light. Given the limited amount of light produced, sensitive cameras are needed to visualize the signal.

How is bioluminescence detected?

Bioluminescence imaging is accomplished by sensitive detection of light emitted following chemical reaction of the luciferase enzyme with its substrate. Most imaging systems provide 2-dimensional (2D) information in rodents, showing the locations and intensity of light emitted from the animal in pseudo-color scaling.

How does IVIS imaging work?

IVIS acquires a photographic image of the animal under white light and a quantitative bioluminescent or fluorescent signal, which is overlaid on the image. The bioluminescent signal is expressed in photons per second and displayed as an intensity map.

Who discovered bioluminescent markers?

Aristotle (384 – 332 BCE) recorded bioluminescence in detail. During his study, he discovered these organisms were capable of self-luminosity. And he was the first to reveal light, in this sense, is not associated with heat. A term coined, cold light.

What is bioluminescence tomography?

Bioluminescence imaging (BLI) is a technology developed over the past decade that allows for the noninvasive study of ongoing biological processes. Recently, bioluminescence tomography (BLT) has become possible and several systems have become commercially available.

What is in vivo imaging?

In vivo imaging is the non-invasive visualization of living organisms for research or diagnostic purposes. In molecular imaging cellular function or molecular processes are visualized, normally using biomarkers.

What does IVIS mean?


Acronym Definition
IVIS in Vehicle Information System
IVIS In Vivo Imaging System (veterinary imaging technology)
IVIS Interactive Video Information System
IVIS Intervehicular Information System


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