What islands are off the west coast of Florida?

What islands are off the west coast of Florida?

16 Top-Rated Islands in Florida

  • Marco Island. Aerial view of Marco Island.
  • Sanibel Island. Kayaks and a beach hut on Sanibel Island.
  • Amelia Island. A Victorian home on Amelia Island.
  • Key West. Aerial view of Mallory Square and Key West.
  • Gasparilla Island.
  • Little Gasparilla Island.
  • Anna Maria Island.
  • Crab Island, Destin.

What are the small islands off the coast of Florida called?

List of islands of Florida

Island Size Notes
Clearwater Beach Island Barrier island
Coconut Island Small barrier island
Conch Key In the middle Florida Keys
Cottrell Key 53.4 acres (21.6 ha) One of the Mule Keys in the lower Florida Keys

What is the most exclusive island in Florida?

Fisher Island
Fisher Island, Florida, is as exclusive as it gets. The 216-acre, man-made island sitting pretty off the coast of Miami Beach is reachable only by boat — most often yacht.

What island is off the coast of Florida?

Speaking of amazing islands off the coast of Florida, Don Pedro Island (also known as Palm Island), situated off Florida’s Gulf Coast near southern Englewood, is another barrier island with a secluded State Park attached.

What Caribbean islands are closest to Florida?

While Bimini is the closest Out Island to Florida, the clear waters of The Abacos are a favorite sailing destination and dream vacation for many Florida residents.

What Caribbean island is closest to Florida?

The Bahamas Located about 50 miles from Florida and easily accessible on nonstop flights, this 700-island archipelago is a prime spot for sun-soaked holidays that don’t break the bank.

What is the little island off Key West?

Sunset Key is a 27-acre (11-hectare) residential neighborhood and resort island in the city of Key West, Florida, United States. It is located about 500 yards (460 m) off the coast of the island of Key West.

What island in Florida has no cars?

North Captiva Island
North Captiva Island, Fla. In addition to no cars, the island has no paved roads, no hotels and no grocery stores. Visitors can book beach houses and tour the small island’s sandy trails by foot or golf cart, and they’ll quickly discover that North Captiva’s dolphins and gopher tortoises outnumber its people.

How many islands are off the coast of Florida?

4,510 islands
Although the Florida Keys typically rank high on everyone’s Florida vacation list, there are many other amazing islands off the Sunshine State’s coast that are worth visiting, too. Florida has 4,510 islands in total, but we’ve managed to narrow that list down to our nine favorites.


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