What language is so mote it be?

What language is so mote it be?

The poem, written around 1390, includes 64 pages written in rhyming couplets in Middle English (“Fyftene artyculus þey þer sowȝton, and fyftene poyntys þer þey wroȝton,” translated as “Fifteen articles they there sought and fifteen points there they wrought.”) It tells the story of the beginnings of Masonry (supposedly …

What is the motto of the Free Masons?

Inscribed on the folds of the flag of Masonry is the noble motto: LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY, SOLIDARITY. Masonry preaches peace among men, and in the name of humanity proclaims the inviolability of human life.

What is the purpose of a Masonic lodge?

It is a tight-knit group of men who make solemn vows to one another and become comrades in Masonry and life. Above all, a Masonic lodge represents open arms, a helping hand, and brotherly love to every Mason, anywhere, at any time.

Who is the most famous Freemason?

The most famous Freemasons in history

  • George Washington, general, politician, and first President of the United States.
  • John Wayne, American actor.
  • Oscar Wilde, Irish playwright, novelist, and poet.
  • Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Husband of Queen Elizabeth II.

How do you greet a Mason?

Several, Actually. Freemasons greet one another with a variety of handshakes, all based on one’s rank within the organization. “There is a handshake for each degree: Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master, i.e., the first three degrees and also in the higher degrees,” says Révauger.

What does the phrase “So mote it be” mean?

The ritual phrase “so mote it be” was 1st used by Neopagans & Freemasons, in Rosicrucianism in their religious rites, ceremonies and prayers. Scholars say that it is used to end the holy sacred prayers or recitations.

What does so Mote it be mean in Wiccan?

In modern Wiccan traditions, the phrase often appears as a way of wrapping up a ritual or magical working. It’s basically a way of saying “Amen” or ” so it shall be.” “So Mote It Be” in Masonic Tradition

What does Mote be mean in the Canterbury Tales?

The words mote be a cousin to the deed in his prologue to the Canterbury Tales. The ancient ritual phrase “so mote it be” was used in the writings of Occultist Aleister Crowley, who described the term to be magical and traditional.

Why did Aleister Crowley use the phrase ‘So mote it be’?

Occultist Aleister Crowley used “so mote it be” in some of his writings, and claimed it to be an ancient and magical phrase, but it’s very likely that he borrowed it from the Masons. In Freemasonry, “so mote it be” is the equivalent of “Amen” or “as God wills it to be.”


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