What NFL team did Deuce McAllister play?

What NFL team did Deuce McAllister play?

the New Orleans Saints
Dulymus Jenod “Deuce” McAllister (born December 27, 1978) is a former American football running back who played eight seasons for the New Orleans Saints in the National Football League (NFL). He played college football for Ole Miss and was drafted by the Saints in the first round of the 2001 NFL Draft.

How much money did Deuce McAllister make?

2001-2006Entry Level

Contract: 6 yr(s) / $6,915,000
Signing Bonus $3,000,000
Average Salary $1,152,500
Total Guarantees
Guaranteed at Signing

When was Deuce McAllister at Ole Miss?

McAllister comes to SEC Network after playing for Ole Miss from 1997-2000 and with the New Orleans Saints from 2001-09.

What number was Deuce McAllister?

26Deuce McAllister / Number (New Orleans Saints / Running back)

When was Deuce McAllister drafted?

2001Deuce McAllister / Date joined (New Orleans Saints)

Before Deuce McAllister could rise to the top rungs for the New Orleans Saints and become one of the most beloved players in franchise history, the running back first had to fall to them in the NFL Draft 20 years ago today, April 21, 2001.

Does Deuce McAllister own McAlister’s?

—NFL New Orleans Saints playerDeuce McAllisterhas entered into a personal-service agreement with McAlister’s Deli, the company has announced. One aspect of the partnership is the addition of “The Deuce” — a sandwich McAllister created — unveiled Aug. 9 at the New Orleans Saints training camp.

Is Deuce McAllister a Hall of Famer?

McAllister is among the all-time greats in New Orleans Saints history. He is the leading rusher in franchise history, rushing for 6,096 yards on 1,429 carries and 49 scores, all franchise records. He was inducted into the Saints Hall of Fame and the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame in 2012.

How did Deuce McAllister go broke?

Unfortunately, Deuce McAllister is one of many athletes who have gone broke in retirement. Deuce lost millions of dollars with several businesses, most notably a Nissan dealership in Mississippi.

What year did Deuce McAllister retire?

McAllister overcame knee injuries in 2005 and 2007, returning each time to play very well for the Saints in 97 games over eight seasons. After he retired following the 2008 season, McAllister was not finished in New Orleans.

Is Deuce McAllister in the Hall of Fame?

July 25, 2014Deuce McAllister / Hall of fame induction


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