What PA schools are in Tennessee?

What PA schools are in Tennessee?

Physician Assistant Schools in Tennessee

  • Bethel University PA Program.
  • Christian Brothers University PA Program.
  • Lipscomb University PA Program.
  • Lincoln Memorial University PA Program.
  • Milligan College PA Program.
  • South College PA Program – Knoxville.
  • South College PA Program – Nashville.

Is Lipscomb a good PA school?

Success: Class of 2020: 100% First Time Pass Rate (33 of 33 students)

Does Vanderbilt have a physician assistant program?

The Physician Assistant Studies program provides a comprehensive academic and clinical medical education to prepare students for their professional roles as physician assistants.

How do I become a PA in TN?

How to Become a Physician Assistant in Tennessee

  1. Choose Tennessee Physician Assistant Programs for Licensure.
  2. Become Certified by the NCCPA.
  3. Apply for Licensure with the Tennessee Committee on Physicians Assistants.
  4. Renew Tennessee License as Needed.

Can you work and attend PA school?

Working part time or PRN can be difficult while in PA school. In fact, most PA programs strongly discourage students from working in any capacity, particularly during the didactic year. These, along with a few others, could be income opportunities for you as well during PA school.

How long is Lipscomb PA program?

Lipscomb’s PA program is 27-months in duration and requires full-time, year-round student participation. Within the program, one will engage in seven semesters of study which are broken down into a 15-month didactic phase and a 12-month clinical phase.

How do I become a physician assistant in Tennessee?

Does NYU have PA program?

Applicants accepted into the NYU postbacc program who plan to apply for PA/PT/DVM programs will need to complete one or more science courses in addition to the postbacc core science curriculum–depending on their target programs’ prerequisites.


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