What radio station is NPR in San Diego?

What radio station is NPR in San Diego?

KPBS-FM, part of KPBS Public Media, is a non-commercial public radio station licensed to San Diego State University, broadcasting in San Diego on 89.5 MHz, 89.1 MHz K206AC in La Jolla, and on 97.7 MHz KQVO in Calexico, Imperial County….KPBS-FM.

Website kpbs.org/radio/

Does Cspan have a radio station?

WCSP-FM, also known as C-SPAN Radio, is a radio station owned by the Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network (C-SPAN) in Washington, D.C. The station is licensed to C-SPAN’s corporate owner, the National Cable Satellite Corporation, and broadcasts on 90.1 MHz 24 hours a day.

What station is KPBS in San Diego?

channel 15
KPBS, virtual channel 15 (UHF digital channel 19), is a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) member television station licensed to San Diego, California, United States. Owned by San Diego State University as part of KPBS Public Media, it is a sister station to National Public Radio (NPR) member KPBS-FM (89.5).

Is Cspan radio app free?

The app is compatible with Android devices running Android 5.0 or later. How much does the app cost? It’s free! Listeners may incur charges for data usage when using the app on a cellular connection.

Does San Diego have a classical radio station?

Classical San Diego, KPBS-HD2 89.5 FM, San Diego, CA | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

How do I stream kpbs?

In addition to YouTube TV, KPBS content is available at video.kpbs.org, PBS.org and PBSKIDS.org, as well as the PBS Video app and PBS KIDS Video app available on iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung TV and Chromecast.

Is Cspan on Sirius radio?

C-SPAN Radio is now available on SiriusXM channel 455. The station moved from channel 120 as part of a new channel lineup created by SiriusXM.

What channel is Cspan on?

What Channel is C-SPAN on Dish and Other Networks

Provider Channel Number
Dish Network 210: C-SPAN (SD) 211: C-SPAN2 (SD)
DirecTV (US) 350: C-SPAN (SD) 351: C-SPAN2 (SD)
Verizon FiOS 109: C-SPAN (SD) 110: C-SPAN2 (SD) 111: C-SPAN3 (SD)
AT U-verse 230: C-SPAN (SD) 231: C-SPAN2 (SD) 232: C-SPAN3 (SD)

How do I stream KPBS?

Does C-SPAN still exist?

C-SPAN’s television channels are available to approximately 100 million cable and satellite households within the United States, while WCSP-FM is broadcast on FM radio in Washington, D.C. and is available throughout the U.S. on SiriusXM via Internet streaming, and globally through apps for iOS and Android devices.

Who streams C-SPAN?

Streaming Services Carrying C-Span Live

Sling TV Free Trial
AT TV Now Free Trial
Hulu Live Free Trial
Fubo TV Free Trial
YouTube TV Free Trial

What is the most listened to radio station in San Diego?

In San Diego in October 2020, the leading radio station was KPBS-FM with a rating of 7.4, i.e. 7.4 percent of those listening to the radio in San Diego listened to KPBS-FM for at least five minutes in each 15-minute period.



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