What should an artists GCSE research include?

What should an artists GCSE research include?

The Artist study should include:

  1. Title (artists name) and dates of birth and death.
  2. Short biography of the artist (information about her life in your own words)
  3. Find and print examples of her work that you think relevant to the project.

How do I do well in GCSE art?

Top 6 GCSE Art Tips

  1. TIP #3: Experiment. My advice to you experiment with different mediums in one art project.
  2. TIP #4: Show your process! Show all of your sketches which are rough, do mind maps and just focus on the exploration of concepts.
  3. TIP #5: Do a topic that you actually like.
  4. TIP #6:Do not be afraid to try.

How do I write a good artist research page?

Give some general background information about the artist/photographer. Including their style of work, the theme of their work, the materials they use etc. Talk about the pieces of work you have copied. Add analysis for higher marks.

How do you get 9s in GCSE art?

How to Get a 9 in GCSE Art

  1. Showing Your Thought Process and Planning is Essential for Getting a 9 in Art GCSE.
  2. Use Pinterest to Look for Ideas and Show Your Research if You Want a 9 in GCSE Art.
  3. You Must Use a Variety of Techniques to Score Highly in GCSE Art.
  4. Analyse Work by Multiple Artists to Get a 9 in Your Art GCSE.

What work does Sarah Graham do?

British painter Sarah Graham was born in Hitchin in 1977, and works almost exclusively in oil on canvas. She completed a BA (hons) in Fine Art painting from De Montfort University in 2000, and has been pursuing her practice ever since. Sarah’s paintings are in private collections across the world, in every continent.

What mood does Sarah Graham portrait in her work?

Graham’s work is a celebration of nostalgia and childlike wonderment, which is only amplified by her obsession with colour which she uses to such spellbinding effect.

What should be in a GCSE art sketchbook?

Such a sketchbook should be attention-grabbing, perhaps a collage of hand-drawn and computer-generated imagery in bold colours with distinctive lines. You may also include quotes from one or more established artists of the same genre you aspire to make your mark in: I dream my painting and I paint my dream – Van Gogh.

Which GCSE is the easiest?

At the very top of my list of the top 10 easiest GCSEs we have GCSE Food Technology. This subject is the easiest GCSE around, and is a sure-fire pick to get some good grades at the end of school. GCSE Food Technology has a pass rate of 62.4% as of 2018.

Is GCSE art hard?

GCSE Art is a very popular subject but is tough and requires a lot of hard work. Although there won’t be any written exams, you will have a great deal to do over the two years and it can take up a lot of time.

What nationality is Sarah Graham?

Sarah Graham/Nationality


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