What should Harley oil pressure be?

What should Harley oil pressure be?

I would say it is around 6-8 PSI, and at 60mph and 2500RPM the pressure is only around 35. What is the normal range on this engine and how normal is the low pressure at Idle? Normal . The oil pressure light is set to come on if the pressure hits 3 psi .

How does a 2 wire oil pressure switch work?

2 Pin Switch, With One Pin as Ground (Most Common) One on the pin and the other through the body to the engine block. This connection through the body of the switch to the engine block acts as an earth connection. The pin then changes state. Normally the circuit is closed when the oil pressure is low.

What should my oil pressure be idle Harley?

The normal oil pressure when the bike is at running temp is around 32 psi and when at a idle the oil gauge should only read 4 to 7 psi. There could be a few things that cause a fluctuation in the gauge, it could be a bad wire connection or a bad oil pressure sensor or the oil pump could be going bad.

What can cause low oil pressure on a motorcycle?

Engine Problems: The flow of oil in the engine can also affect the oil pressure of your motorcycle. This is evident especially when there is increased bearing clearance that lets the oil to flow faster. And when oil flows faster, the pressure goes down across the system.

How do I adjust my oil pressure?

Turn clockwise to increase pressure, counter-clockwise to lower. Replace rubber plug when done. An easy way to adjust the sender is to turn the motor over with the starter-ignition off. The oil or fuel pressure will rise slowly.

What’s normal oil pressure?

between 25-65 PSI
The ideal oil pressure varies depending on the car brand and model, but generally, the ideal oil pressure is between 25-65 PSI.

Do I need a twin cam oil pressure gauge?

“The Twin Cam is a great engine but it has a monster under the bed if you don’t watch for it…oil pressure. If you have a Twin Can the Pro Gauge is a must. Why would you put that much effort in to your bike and not protect it. You might as well leave the key in it everywhere you go…either way your going to lose it!

Are there any problems with the twin cam engine?

The Twin Cam is well know for its oiling system problems found in both stock and high-performance engines. Oil pressures issues left unchecked can cause major problems with your oil’s ability to do it’s job.

How do you ground an oil pressure switch?

Low oil pressure grounds the switch, thus completing the circuit. Just wire in the light to the same wire. Ed is correct. The switch is grounded simply by being in the motor. When the emotor develops pressure it closes the circuit. Thanks guys. Seems so simple now.

What should the oil pressure gauge be at?

These gauges are kinda cheesy so an indication issue is always possible vs a real oil pressure issue. My service manual says the oil light kicks in at < 3psi. Also says gauge should be at 30-38psi at 2000 rpm and normal operating temperature. Maybe someone else could chime in with 2007 service manual pressures.


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