What should I check before vancomycin?

What should I check before vancomycin?

Considerations. Evaluate BUN, creatinine, and CrCl before starting therapy and at intervals, or as needed to monitor renal status thereafter. Each hospital may have different protocols with antibiotic stewardship, vancomycin level monitoring, and treatment duration.

When do you check Vanc levels?

Vancomycin level should be obtained 24 hours after the first dose is given. The patient can be re-prescribed a stat dose when the vancomycin trough concentration is below 20mg/L.

How often should Vanc levels be done?

Dosing to Achieve Optimal Trough Concentrations Daily doses of 15–20 mg/kg (as actual body weight) given every 8–12 h are recommended for most patients with normal renal function to achieve the suggested serum concentrations when the MIC is ≤ 1 mg/L.

Why are trough levels drawn for vancomycin?

Vancomycin trough levels are recommended to predict vancomycin efficacy, and inaccurate levels may lead to inappropriate clinical actions. However, the frequency of timing errors and associated clinical impact is unknown.

What testing is done with vancomycin?

Kidney function tests such as creatinine and creatinine urine or eGFR may be requested prior to the start of vancomycin therapy and at intervals, or as needed, to evaluate changes in kidney status.

When do you check peak and trough for vancomycin?

Vancomycin Peak Collected 60 minutes after completion of infusion. Vancomycin Trough Collected immediately prior to the next dose.

When do you start vancomycin after high trough?

Trough: just before 4th dose of a new regimen (prior to 3rd dose for dosing intervals ≥ 24 hours or changing renal function) – Trough levels should be obtained within 30 minutes before the next scheduled dose. – Weekly vancomycin levels should be obtained for long-term vancomycin use with stable renal function. i.

What color top is a Vanco trough?

Vancomycin, Total

  • Supply: T05 – Red Top Tube (NO GEL) 10mL (x2 for Vancomycin, Total)
  • Preferred Specimen: Serum;
  • Preferred Volume: 2mL (per tube for Vancomycin, Total)
  • Transport Container: Red Top Tube (NO GEL)
  • Transport Temperature: Room Temperature.
  • Specimen Stability: Room Temperature: 2 days.

When should you hold vancomycin?

The trough should be collected before the 4th dose is administered (prior to steady state). Unfortunately, the practice of waiting until the fourth dose to measure the trough level may expose a patient to several days of sub-optimal therapy.

When to take trough (pre) levels of vancomycin?

• Trough (pre) levels are taken immediately before a dose (within 30 minutes) • The timing of drug administration and sample collection must be carefully documented • Do not hold next vancomycin dose while waiting for results of vancomycin levels unless there is a specific reason to do so, e.g. significant decline in renal function

What is the normal range for vancomycin?

vancomycin levels should always be maintained above 10 mg/L to avoid development of resistance. Levels are recommended in: o patients who are severely ill and/or require target trough of 15-20 mg/L o patients with anticipated therapy duration of 7 days or greater.

What is the target range for pre dialysis vancomycin?

Target pre-dialysis vancomycin levels: 10-15 mg/L for ALL infections Vancomycin levels are drawn before the beginning of the hemodialysis session Do not hold post-dialysis vancomycin dose while waiting for results of pre-dialysis vancomycin levels unless there is a specific reason to do so

What is the target serum vancomycin concentration for non-septic patients?

Target serum vancomycin concentrations (levels) for patients not on haemodialysis or haemofiltration: 1 Pre-dose (trough) levels should be 10 – 20 mg/L routinely 2 Post-dose levels are NOT required More


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