What size is a double bed bedspread?

What size is a double bed bedspread?

single is 76″ x 104″ metric 193cm x 264cm. double anything between 90″ – 96″ x 100″ -104″ metric 225 – 243cm x 250- 264cm.

How are bedspreads measured?

Measure the mattress width and add twice the drop length. For a coverlet, measure from the top of the mattress to slightly past the bottom of the bed rail. For a bedspread, measure from the top of the mattress to just above the floor.

What are the bed sizes in UK?


  • Single (90 x 190cm) The UK Single measures 90 x 190cm.
  • Double (135 x 190cm)
  • King (150 x 200cm)
  • Super King (180 x 200cm)
  • Emperor (215 x 215cm)
  • Best Selling Beds and Mattresses.
  • Single (90 x 200 cm)
  • Double (140 x 200 cm)

How wide should a bedspread be?

On average, however, expect a twin bedspread to be about 80 to 84 inches wide and 105 to 112 inches long, with a comforter considerably smaller.

How big is a double size bed UK?

136 x 189 cm
Double (136 x 189 cm) The Double mattress provides a good compromise between a Single and a Queen. Measuring 136 x 189cm this bed is great for a solo sleeper looking for more room but is also a decent size for couples. This size is also very practical for saving floor space in bedrooms.

What is the size of a UK double bed?

UK Mattress Size Guide

Imperial (ft/in) Metric (cm)
Mattress Size Mattress Width Mattress Length
Double Mattress 4 feet 6 inches 190 centimetres
King Size Mattress 5 feet 200 centimetres
Super King Size Mattress 6 feet 200 centimetres

How big is a double size Doona?

180cm x 210cm

Quilt & Quilt Cover Size Quilt Dimensions
Cot Quilt Cover 100cm x 135cm
Single Quilt Cover 140cm x 210cm
Double Quilt Cover 180cm x 210cm
Queen Quilt Cover 210cm x 210cm

What size is king bedspread?

Standard Quilt Sizes

Bed Type Mattress Size (inches) Bedspread 21 in drop
Full 54 x 75 96 x 96
Queen 60 x 80 102 x 101
King 78 x 80 120 x 101
Calif. King 72 x 84 114 x 105

Should a quilt touch the floor?

Luxury quilts can be used solo over a flat sheet or layered over a blanket or under a duvet cover. A coverlet is a bedcovering with sides that hang down a few inches past the box spring, but don’t touch the floor. A coverlet can be tucked in or left untucked if edged with decorative trim.

What is the measurements of a queen size bedspread?

A queen-size bedspread will range in size. A queen-size bedspread will range in size from 88 inches by 108 inches to 99 inches by 114 inches. This size range is designed to fit a standard queen-size mattress which measures 60 inches by 80 inches.

What are the measurements of a king size bedspread?

A western king-sized bedspread measures 114 inches by 120 inches, while the comforter measures 102 inches by 86 to 94 inches. Other sizes of bedding include eastern king, daybed and various waterbed sizes.

How to size a bedspread?

Directions To start, measure the width and length of your mattress. Next, determine the drop from the top of the mattress to the floor. Add the drop to the width twice. Mattress width + bed drop + bed drop = bedspread width Add the drop to the length just once. Add sixteen inches to the length to allow for a pillow tuck near the headboard.

How many inches is a full size bedspread?

The dimensions of a full size bedspread is 96″ x 110″ in inches, 244 x 110cm in cm.

What size is a twin bedspread?

A standard twin bedspread measures 80 inches wide by 110 inches long, and is designed to fit a mattress 39 inches wide by 75 inches long. A bedspread normally extends to the floor on the two sides and bottom. The extra fabric includes a 20 1/2-inch drop from the sides and bottom of your bed to hit the floor.


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