What UL 1316?

What UL 1316?

UL 1316. Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Underground Storage Tanks for Petroleum Products, Alcohols, and Alcohol-Gasoline Mixtures. First published in July 1983, UL 1316 covers both single- and double-wall FRP tanks.

What is the difference between UL-142 and UL 2085?

(UL) UL-142 standard is a nationally recognized standard for construction of Steel Aboveground Tanks for Flammable and Combustible Liquids. UL-2085 tanks use the UL-142 standard as the basis for construction, but add additional materials to classify it as a protected tank.

What is a fireguard tank?

FireguardĀ® is a “Protected” Fire Rated Aboveground Storage Tank with projectile, impact resistant and stream hose test ratings. This is a steel double wall aboveground storage tank with interstitial monitoring capabilities and a 2-hour fire rating. It can be built in horizontal and vertical configurations.


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