What wheels are best for cruising on a skateboard?

What wheels are best for cruising on a skateboard?

  • Ricta Clouds – Cruising and/or Tricks.
  • OJ Super Juice 60mm/78A (My Favorite)
  • Orangatang – Fat Free 65mm 77A.
  • Bones Rough Riders.
  • Cloud Ride.
  • Powell Peralta Snakes.
  • Easyrider Bogart Wheels.
  • Fatty Hawgs 63mm – 78A.

Are cruiser wheels worth it?

These wheels are a great option if you frequently ride on asphalt as they ride well on pavement. They are smooth, not as loud as some competitor brands, and are quick, enabling you to reach your destination quicker. They have the soft, smooth feel of a cruiser wheel yet are small and compact like a street wheel.

What size are cruiser wheels?

A lower millimeter wheel is usually preferred for street skating, as they are lighter for flip tricks but more difficult to ride on rougher surfaces. The most popular street skating wheel sizes are between 52-54mm….Wheel Size.

Style Recommended Size Range
Park 55mm – 58mm
Cruiser 59mm and up

Are 52mm wheels good for street?

Small 51mm – 52mm wheels This is a great size for starting out, particularly for younger skaters. Wheels of this size are suitable for any type of street and transition skateboarding. They won’t pick up too much speed when learning to ride down hills.

Can you put longboard wheels on a cruiser?

You’ll need to use riser pads as well, but make sure, the size of the longboard wheels for skateboards cannot be bigger than 67 millimeters. These wheels are perfect for cruise board. They are great for cruising and many early street tricks. They can also do well on smooth concrete or asphalt.

What is the hardest skate wheel?

In skateboarding, and according to the Durometer A Scale, the wheel’s hardness is measured in durometers and ranges from 75A (softest) to 101A (hardest). A very soft skateboard wheel offers high grip, maximum comfort and provides a smooth ride.

What does 83B mean in wheels?

Very Hard Skateboard Wheels | 99A – 101A & 83B – 84B Very hard skateboard wheels in the rage of 99A – 101A and more (as well as 83B – 84B Bones Wheels) are the perfect wheels for experienced skaters. Due to their extreme hardness, they slide fast, accelerate quickly, a can reach very high top speeds.


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