When did diamond mining begin in Botswana?

When did diamond mining begin in Botswana?

Botswana has produced more than 728 million carats of rough diamonds since operations began there in 1971 and is the source of many of the world’s largest and most beautiful diamonds – including the 1,109-carat Lesedi La Rona, which was uncovered in November 2015.

Who found the first diamond in Botswana?

The 1,098-carat diamond discovered on June 1 belongs to the Debswana company, jointly owned by the government and South African diamond maker De Beers. And the largest known diamond is the “Cullinan”, over 3,100 carats, discovered in South Africa in 1905.

Who owns the diamonds in Botswana?

The group, which was established in South Africa and is a subsidiary of Anglo American, has a 50% shareholding with the state in two companies: Debswana, which is responsible for operating the four mines, and Diamond Trading Company Botswana (DTCB), which was founded to value the diamonds.

How were diamonds discovered in Botswana?

The country believes the rare stone to be the third largest diamond in the world, and the largest in the history of the company, since diamonds were first discovered in Botswana in 1967. It was found in Jwaneng mine’s South Kimberlite pipe by metallurgy assistant Orakeng Kefentse.

Where are diamonds mined in Botswana?

The Jwaneng diamond mine is the richest diamond mine in the world and is located in south-central Botswana about 120 kilometers (75 mi) west of the city of Gaborone, in the Naledi river valley of the Kalahari.

Where is Debswana?

Debswana Diamond Company Limited, or simply Debswana, is a mining company located in Botswana, and is the world’s leading producer of diamonds by value. Debswana operates four diamond mines in the eastern and central parts of Botswana, as well as a coal mine.

What is the largest diamond in Botswana?

An enormous 1,174-carat diamond has been unearthed in Botswana, a mining company has said, the second massive diamond to be found in the country in the space of a few weeks. The rare rock was recovered at the Karowe diamond mine last month and presented to the government in a ceremony on Wednesday.

How much is the new Botswana diamond worth?

The rough Lesedi La Rona sold for $53 million, or just under $48,000 per carat in 2017, which suggests the new stone could be worth in the region of R740 million.

How many diamonds does Botswana produce?

Diamond production in Botswana 2004-2020 In 2020, Botswana’s diamond production amounted to nearly 17 million carats. This represents a decline of some 29 percent from the previous year. Nonetheless, Botswana was the world’s second-largest producer of diamonds.

Do blood diamonds still exist?

It shows that the production of conflict diamonds still exists in Sierra Leone. According to the 2005 Country Reports on Human Right Practices of Africa from the United States, serious human rights issues still exist in Sierra Leone, even though the 11-year civil conflict had officially ended by 2002.


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