When should you administer flumazenil?

When should you administer flumazenil?

Initial dose: 0.2 mg IV one time over 15 seconds. Repeated doses: 0.2 mg may be given every minute until the desired level of consciousness is achieved. Maximum total dose 1 mg.

How do you administer flumazenil infusion?

If the required level of consciousness is not obtained within 60 seconds, a further dose of 100 micrograms can be injected and repeated at 60-second intervals, up to a total dose of 2000 micrograms or until the patient awakes. If drowsiness recurs, a second bolus injection of flumazenil may be administered.

What is the trade name of flumazenil?

BRAND NAME(S): Romazicon. WARNING: Flumazenil can cause seizures, especially in patients who have been on benzodiazepines (e.g., diazepam) for a long time or if patient has taken too much of a benzodiazepine (overdose). USES: This medication reverses the sedative effects of certain medications.

What is the risk of using flumazenil?

Flumazenil may cause seizures, especially in people who have sedative-addiction withdrawal symptoms or recent antidepressant overdose, people who have recently received injectable benzodiazepines, or people who had symptoms of a seizure just before receiving flumazenil.

Is flumazenil an IV?

Flumazenil is only approved for intravenous (IV) administration. The prescribed IV administration technique is to titrate slowly to arousal with 0.2 mg increments. It is supplied in a 0.1 mg/ml concentration only.

How effective is flumazenil?

By both observer and patient alertness ratings, patients receiving flumazenil appeared significantly more alert than placebo patients at 5, 15, 30, and 60 minutes following reversal. After reversal the flumazenil group had significantly higher scores than the placebo group at all intervals through 60 minutes.

What is the half life of flumazenil?

The pharmacokinetics of flumazenil are dose-proportional up to 100 mg. Flumazenil is extensively distributed in the extravascular space with an initial distribution half-life of 4 to 11 minutes and a terminal half-life of 40 to 80 minutes.

What is used to reverse versed?

Romazicon (Flumazenil) is a benzodiazepine antogonist used to reverse Versed (Midazolam) and Valium (Diazepam). It also has a rapid onset of action, producing a reversal in less than one minute. A dose of 0.2 – 1 mg is given slowly intravenously with a dose not exceeding 0.2 mg/min.


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