When was A470 built?

When was A470 built?

The “Cardiff-Merthyr Road” built in the late 1960s ran from the M4 to Abercynon, where the towns and villages spreading north from Cardiff along the valley of the Taff begin to thin out. It was extended in the 80s to reach the A4060 eastern bypass of Merthyr at Pentrebach.

Where does the A470 start?

At 185 miles (300km) and running from Cardiff in the south to Llandudno in the north, the A470 is the longest road in Wales and an important link through the country.

What is A470?

The A470, which runs from Llandudno on the north coast of Wales to Cardiff in the south, is 178 miles long. It is a mix of single-carriageway roads in good condition and wide, free-flowing dual carriageways, and does pass through some of the finest countryside in the UK.

When was Brecon bypass built?

The new bypass was built c. 1980 and, rather unusually, the B4520 was not extended along the route at all, even though this would have been standard practice elsewhere in the country….

Via: Brecon town centre
Distance: 2.4 miles (3.9 km)
Meets: A40, A470, B4602, B4520, A40, A470
Former Number(s): A40

Is the A470 a busy road?

Very busy during peak times but, as you get further north from Cardiff there are great views like Cafarthfa Castle and you pass the sad town of Aberfan where the tragic slippage killed so many School children. A470 Trunk Road. Although an “A” road, speed restrictions apply in some areas, but a pleasant scenic drive.

How far can A470 go?

186 mi

It is a 186-mile (299 km) route that links Cardiff on the south coast to Llandudno on the north coast, and is Wales’s longest road.

How old is the A470?

The modern route of the A470 arose from a campaign in the 1970s by the Western Mail for a single route connecting North and South Wales, in the lead up to the 1979 Welsh devolution referendum.

Why is A479 closed?

The section of the A479 between Pengenffordd and Talgarth has had regular issues with subsidence. In February 2020, a section of the road near Talgarth was closed following a collapse during Storm Dennis. The damage affected the surface and foundation of the road, resulting it being closed until November.

Is A479 closed at Talgarth?

Fay Jones MP has voiced her disappointment that the A479 south of Talgarth will not reopen until next year. Following a landslide in February, the road was closed to allow repair works to be carried out. At the time, it was estimated that the repairs would be completed and the road would be reopened by November 2020.

What is the longest street in Cardiff?

Ethel Street

Description Ethel Street, Canton, Cardiff. Ethel street is said to be the longest street in Cardiff with no turnings off it.
Date 21 August 2005
Source see below
Author Steve Chapple

Is Cardiff Castle Street open?

Castle Street in Cardiff has reopened to private traffic for the first time since last summer. The city centre road was closed in July 2020 and became an al-fresco dining area, before reopening to just buses and taxis last autumn.

How do I contact A470 Pontypridd – WelTAG stage three?

Welsh Government A470 PONTYPRIDD – WELTAG STAGE THREE REPORT Consideration of Measures on the Welsh Government Motorway and Trunk Road Network for Nitrogen Dioxide Reduction FINAL PUBLIC PROJECT NO. 70045408 OUR REF. NO. 70045408 DATE: SEPTEMBER 2018 WSP 1 Capital Quarter Tyndall Street Cardiff CF10 4BZ Phone: +44 2920 769200 WSP.com

Where does the A470 start and end in Cardiff?

The southernmost point of the route is in Cardiff Bay, outside the Wales Millennium Centre. It runs up Lloyd George Avenue (this was previously Collingdon Road, and the A470 previously ran along the parallel Bute Street ), and continues along St. Mary Street in central Cardiff.

Where is the original A470 road?

The route from Cardiff to Brecon was the original A470. It originally ran into Brecon town centre and joined the A40 road. The old A470 between the by-pass and the town, along Newgate Street, is now the B4601.

Where is the study corridor on the A470?

The area is interspersed by towns and villages including Rhydfelin and Treforest, and is situated within the Taf Valley. The study corridor considered in this report covers the principal corridor on the A470 between the A4054 Roundabout at The Upper Boat Inn to the A4058 Roundabout at Bridge Street Interchange in Pontypridd, South Wales.


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