Where are the Vietnam War Memorials in Indiana?

Where are the Vietnam War Memorials in Indiana?

Make plans to visit Fort Wayne’s newest attraction: the Vietnam War Memorial Wall at the Veterans National Memorial Shrine and Museum. The Vietnam Wall is a 360 ft, 80% replica of the original Vietnam Wall in Washington D.C., now permanently displayed here in Fort Wayne, Indiana for all to see.

How many people from Indiana died in the Vietnam War?

There were 1,530 casualties among Indiana servicemen during Vietnam. As of July 9, the organization was still seeking photographs for 77 of those veterans. While many of the deceased were from the Indianapolis area, photographs were still being sought for one local veteran in Jerry D. Clark, of New Albany.

What state has the most Vietnam vets?

Today, the state with highest number of Vietnam veterans is California, with 596,130, followed by Florida with 519,224. Maine and Montana have the highest number of Vietnam veterans per 100,000 people, with 3,211 and 3,203 respectively.

Why does Indiana have so many war memorials?

Indianapolis has the most war monuments outside of Washington DC. The Indiana War Memorial was built after World War I to commemorate the State’s veterans and fallen. Immaculately maintained, this building looks as if it belongs in Washington, DC on the National Mall.

When was the Indiana War Memorial built?

Indiana World War Memorial/Years built

Which US state lost the most soldiers in ww2?

Here are the 10 states with the most WWII casualties:

  • Hawaii (18,601)
  • Arizona (17,022)
  • North Carolina (16,828)
  • South Dakota (15,764)
  • Maryland (12,885)
  • Nevada (10,372)
  • Maine (10,033)
  • Idaho (8,131)

What percentage of Vietnam veterans are still alive?

These numbers have come about due to the extensive research of various mortality indexes and sources by the American War Library which concluded that about one-third of those who served in the Vietnam War are still alive today.


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