Where can I submit hip hop music videos?

Where can I submit hip hop music videos?

5 Best Hip Hop Blogs To Submit Your Music

  1. Underground Hip Hop Blog. As the name suggests, Underground Hip Hop Blog features fresh underground music from around the world.
  2. HipHop-N-More.
  3. Upcoming Hip Hop.
  5. Sphere of Hip Hop.

Where can I submit music videos?

15 Websites to Submit Your Music Video

  • YouTube.
  • Backseat Mafia.
  • FVMusicBlog.
  • HighClouds.
  • Instagram.
  • IndieObsessive.
  • NeonMusic.
  • NYCTaper.

How do I send a music video to MTV?

7 Steps to Get Your Music Video on MTV in 2021

  1. Get your music videos on MTV for.
  2. MTV loves original content.
  3. Submit your video to MTV’s artists.
  4. Build fan excitement around your MTV video release.
  5. Build publicity around your music video.
  6. Push your fans to watch and request the music video.

How do you get on HNHH?

Submit Your Music to HotNewHipHop

  1. Submissions are always open.
  2. Submit a maximum of ONE song per day. Even if you’ve got heat in the stash.
  3. All submissions must be Soundcloud or Youtube links.
  4. Do not submit the same song within the same week.
  5. No freestyles over licensed or copyrighted beats.
  6. SPAM will not be tolerated.

Where can I promote my hip hop?

Look for blogs, internet radio stations, and clubs that promote upcoming artists. You can go to Fiverr and find people that own popular music blogs, radio stations, etc that charge a minimum of $5 to promote your music! (But be be careful, because I’ve seen a few that look fake.

Where can I post hip hop music?

4 of the Best Online Forums to Post Your Hip-Hop Music On

  1. Reddit. One of the most popular online communities on the internet, Reddit is a fan favorite for those with very specific interests.
  2. KTT. Named after Kanye West, KTT (Kanye To The) is far more than a rabid fansite filled with Yeezus worshipers.
  3. Genius.
  4. The Coli.

Can you upload music videos to DistroKid?

No. DistroKid only distributes albums and singles.

How do you submit a music video to one gospel?

To submit your music video to ONE Gospel simply email [email protected] and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about seeing your video playlisted on Africa’s No. 1 Gospel Music channel.

How do I get ISRC code for music videos?

How do I get ISRC Codes for my music and video? You can obtain your ISRC codes from us today, using your Credit Card or Paypal account. Here is the process… Go to our Order Page or call us at 1-877-872-2060 (USA/Canada) or +1-404-869-0701 (international).

How many sales does certified lover boy have?

The rapper’s latest album debuted with the equivalent of 613,000 sales in the United States, easily beating Kanye West’s total of 309,000 just one week ago.


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