Where did Henry Hudson go on his second voyage?

Where did Henry Hudson go on his second voyage?

Second Voyage (1608) In 1608, Hudson sailed again in the Hopewell, again in association with Sir Thomas Smythe, but now with the aim of finding the Northeast Passage, a route to East Asia over the top of Russia. Hudson and his crew of 14 were unable to progress beyond Novaya Zemlya, an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean.

What route did Giovanni da Verrazzano take?

He left from Honfleur, France and crossed the Atlantic to South America. He searched and explored parts of the Amazon River, and then along the eastern coast of South America. He entered the Strait of Magellan, but failed to navigate through it. So Verrazzano headed back.

What places did Giovanni da Verrazzano discover?

He made several discoveries on the voyage, including the sites of present-day New York Harbor, Block Island, and Narragansett Bay, and was the first European explorer to name newly discovered North American sites after persons and places in the Old World.

What did Henry Hudson find on his voyages?

It is called the Hudson Strait. Henry Hudson failed to find the passage to the Orient, he discovered New York City, the Hudson River, the Hudson Strait, and the Hudson Bay.

Where did Henry Hudson go on his third voyage?

Henry Hudson made four voyages in search of a water route to the Far East. His first two voyages were through Arctic waters and proved to be unsuccessful due to ice. His third and fourth voyages were to North America where he discovered and sailed the Hudson River, Hudson Strait, and Hudson Bay.

What happened to Henry Hudson on his third voyage?

After twice being turned back by ice, Hudson embarked on a third voyage–this time on behalf of the Dutch East India Company–in 1609. On a fourth and final voyage, undertaken for England in 1610-11, Hudson spent months drifting through the vast Hudson Bay and eventually fell victim to a mutiny by his crew.

Who were Giovanni da Verrazzano parents?

Piero Andrea di Bernardo da Verrazzano
Fiammetta Cappelli
Giovanni da Verrazzano/Parents

The consensus of scholars is that Giovanni da Verrazzano was born in Val di Greve, south of Florence, the capital and the main city of the Republic of Florence, the son of Piero Andrea di Bernardo da Verrazzano and Fiammetta Cappelli.

What was Giovanni da Verrazzano most important voyage?

The Italian navigator and explorer Giovanni da Verrazano (ca. 1485-ca. 1528) made a voyage to North America in 1524-1525, in the service of France, during which he explored and charted the Atlantic coast of North America.

What was important about Giovanni da Verrazzano?

Giovanni da Verrazzano, explorer (born in or near Florence circa 1485; died in the West Indies circa 1528). Verrazzano explored North America’s eastern coastline on behalf of France, while searching for a westward route to China.

What was Giovanni da Verrazzano failures?

Verrazzano later pushed on past Cape Cod, Maine, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. This voyage established a French claim to these lands, but at the time it was regarded as a failure because the passage to the East was not found.

What happened on Henry Hudson’s second voyage?

Map showing the second voyage of Henry Hudson. (Courtesy of Ian Chadwick) The second voyage begins eight months later on Friday, April 22, 1608, again sailing for the Muscovy Company on the Hopewell. This time Hudson is in search of a northeast passage going above Novaya Zemlya, an Island above Russia. His crew totals 13 including son John.

What was the name of the 4th voyage Hudson made?

It is on this journey that he discovered the large New York bay that today bears his name. The fourth and final voyage that Hudson made was on a ship called Discovery. He traveled from April of 1670 to June of 1657. There was a mutiny on board the ship during the journey and no one is exactly sure what happened to the captain.

Where did Henry Hudson search for the Northeast Passage?

Henry Hudson’s Search for a “Northeast Passage”. Hudson sailed that spring with his son John and 10 companions. They traveled east along the edge of the polar ice pack until they reached the Svalbard archipelago, well north of the Arctic Circle, before hitting ice and being forced to turn back.

What was the main goal of Henry Hudson’s exploration?

Hudson’s main goal as an explorer was to find a northern passage to the Orient. His first of four voyages was on a small, three-masted ship named Hopewell. He started his journey in May of 1607 and returned in September of the same year when his route was blocked by the Great Barrier Reef.


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