Where Educated consumers are our best customers?

Where Educated consumers are our best customers?

The slogan “an educated consumer is our best customer” stood out when Sy Syms, CEO of the Syms Corporation, used it in television ads in the 1980s. Customer empowerment was an already popular notion back then.

How do you write Syms in octave?

For example:

  1. syms x y z. instead of:
  2. x = sym(‘x’); y = sym(‘y’); z = sym(‘z’); The last arguments can provide one or more assumptions (type or restriction) on the variable (see ‘sym’).
  3. syms x y z positive syms n positive even. Symfuns represent abstract or concrete functions.
  4. syms f(x)

What does Syms stand for?

Syms Corp (styled as SYMS) was an off-price retail clothing store chain, founded by Sy Syms in 1958. Its headquarters was in Secaucus, New Jersey, where it became a public company, traded on the New York Stock Exchange (SYM) in 1983.

What happened to Syms clothing company?

All SYMS and Filene’s Basement stores were closed at the end of December 2011. In 1958, after a dispute with his brother over the clothing store they had inherited from their father, then Seymour Merns left to open a rival men’s clothing store on Cortlandt Street in New York City’s Financial District.

What can you buy at Syms?

The store offers everything from shoes and accessories, with a vast selection of new looks for men, women and children at great prices. Syms stocks the shelves of 37 stores throughout the Northeast, Midwest, Southeast, Southwest and middle Atlantic regions.

What is the slogan for SYMS?

In the commercial, SYMS debuted the company’s slogan, “An educated consumer is our best customer.” The slogan was used by SYMS until its close in 2011. By 1983, Syms had taken the company public with an initial public offering, netting himself about $25 million in the process, and expanded the chain to include eleven retail locations.


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