Where is the park in Good Will Hunting?

Where is the park in Good Will Hunting?

Boston Public Garden
The park, to which Maguire takes Will for a heart-to-heart, is Boston Public Garden, Arlington Street, southwest of downtown. The bench is still there – just follow the lakeside path north from the western end of the bridge.

Where was Good Will Hunting bench scene filmed?

the Boston Public Garden
One of the film’s most memorable scenes takes place on an unassuming bench in the Boston Public Garden, the country’s first public botanical garden. In his initial meeting with Maguire, Will makes several comments about the therapist’s deceased wife, wrongly assuming that she’d left him.

How much did Robin Williams bench press in Good Will Hunting?

Sean Maguire (Robin Williams): Sees the gift in Will, yet wishes to help Will choose his own path and work through his fears of emotional intimacy. He can bench press 285 pounds.

Where is the Robin Williams bench?

The Boston Public Garden Bench from “Good Will Hunting” The park bench where Robin Williams delivers his memorable monologue in “Good Will Hunting”.

What bar were they at in Good Will Hunting?

The L Street Tavern
The most popular filming location featured in Good Will Hunting is Will and Chuckie’s hometown Irish pub. Since filming, The L Street Tavern has gotten a face-lift, but it’s still a staple of Southie.

Where in Boston was the town filmed?

Filming began in late August 2009 in Boston. The former MASSBank branch located in Melrose, Massachusetts, was used as the location for the first robbery of the film, taking on the name Cambridge Merchants Bank (the exterior shots, however, are of Cambridge Savings Bank in Harvard Square).

Who wrote the monologue in Good Will Hunting?

Robin Williams
Robin Williams’ Monologue from Good Will Hunting (1997) | Screenplayed.

Is the bar in Good Will Hunting real?

Upfront Bar & Grill, Toronto – Good Will Hunting The bar is supposed to be the Bow and Arrow bar in Boston – but it is actually the Upfront Bar and Grill in Toronto. Only exterior shots of Bow and Arrow were used, and sadly both have closed their doors.

Where did Will Hunting work as a janitor in the film Good Will Hunting?

He works as a janitor at MIT and spends his free time drinking with his friends Chuckie, Billy, and Morgan.


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