Who can do maintenance on a light-sport aircraft?

Who can do maintenance on a light-sport aircraft?

All light-sport aircraft (LSA) require an condition inspection every year by a FAA certified repairman, an A&P or Repair Station. For E-LSA, you can do this yourself if you take a 16 hour class for your category of aircraft.

Who can perform maintenance on an experimental aircraft?

Experimental and Light-Sport Aircraft The certificate is not transferable. Anyone can do the maintenance. Title 14 CFR 91.319. Anyone can do maintenance on an E-LSA, but only the holder of a repairman certificate (or an A&P) can sign off the condition inspection.

Do LSA hours count towards PPL?

All hours count towards a sport and private certificate (except night) because the CFI has a valid Subpart H flight instructor certificate and is PIC of the LSA.

What is a special LSA?

An airplane S-LSA (Special Light-Sport Aircraft is a factory-built, ready-to-fly fixed-wing aircraft that is FAA-approved to meet industry ASTM* consensus standards for aircraft design, production, and airworthiness. This is a new certification process performed by industry rather than FAA inspections.

Do light-sport aircraft need an annual inspection?

All light-sport aircraft (LSA) require an Annual Condition Inspection every year by FAA certified repairman. For E-LSA, you can do this yourself if you take a 16 hour class for your category of aircraft (airplane, weight-shift control trike, or powered parachute).

What is an experimental light-sport aircraft?

Experimental light-sport aircraft (E-LSA) may be flown by sport pilots. The aircraft is certificated as experimental amateur-built and must be operated in accordance with the operating limitations issued to the aircraft at the time it receives its airworthiness certification.

Can I do my own maintenance on experimental aircraft?

I am going to buy a used homebuilt, what work can I perform myself? FAR Part 43 specifically states that the rules of that part do not apply to experimental, amateur-built aircraft. Therefore, any work (not just maintenance) on an experimental aircraft can be performed virtually by anyone regardless of credentials.

Can you perform maintenance on your own aircraft?

Federal aviation regulations (FAR) permit owners to perform and sign off on a number of preventive maintenance (PM) tasks on their own aircraft.

Can you log ultralight time?

Since ultralights don’t have an airworthiness certificate they don’t fit under 61.51 (j)(1). Therefore no logging hours in those. That’s the FAA’s requirements. Employers and insurance companies can have additional requirements.

Can a private pilot fly as a sport pilot?

Yes, a private pilot that holds a current license and valid medical certificate is allowed to fly a light-sport aircraft as long as they have the proper category and class ratings. This also applies to those that hold any of the following pilot licenses: Recreational Pilot License. Commercial Pilot License.

Can sport pilots fly at night?

Yes, there will be some operational limitations with flying on a sport pilot certificate. You cannot fly at night or in some of the busiest US airspace without additional training and instructor endorsements, and you can’t fly higher than 10,000 feet or fly in the pursuit of business.

What is LSA certification?

A special airworthiness certificate in the light-sport category is issued to an aircraft that meets the definition of light-sport aircraft (LSA), is manufactured to the applicable consensus standards, and is one of the following five classes of the LSA category: airplanes, gliders, powered parachutes, weight-shift- …


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