Who distributes Maine Beer Company?

Who distributes Maine Beer Company?

FREEPORT, Maine – Maine Beer Company of Freeport, Maine, announces their expansion into Florida with partner Cavalier Distributing. David and Daniel Kleban began Maine Beer Company in 2009 in Portland, Maine. They started with a one-barrel brewhouse and the mission of brewing one beer and brewing it well.

Who owns Maine Beer Company?

and Daniel Kleban
David and Daniel Kleban | Cofounders and Owners of Maine Beer Company. When brothers Daniel and David Kleban started Maine Beer Company in 2009, there were only a few dozen other breweries in Maine.

Does Maine Beer Company ship?

The Maine Beer Box can be shipped anywhere in the world (by land or by sea!) and ensures quality beer can be poured regardless of the outdoor environment.

How many breweries are in Maine?

As of early 2020, Maine is home to 155 active, licensed breweries, representing over 100 unique brands. A few breweries hold multiple licenses/ have multiple locations.

Where is Maine Beer Company dinner?

Where To Buy Dinner From Maine Beer Company. At present, Dinner is only available from the brewery, and only available a couple times a year. Follow Maine Beer Company on Instagram to stay on top of release dates.

When did Maine Beer Company open?

Welcome. Based in Freeport, Maine, our brewery was founded in 2009 by brothers David and Daniel Kleban.

Does Maine Beer Co allow dogs?

Maine Beer Company, located in Freeport, ME, is a casual brewery that serves up a variety of delicious beer and an assortment of tasty eats. Fido is welcome to join you at one of their pet-friendly outdoor tables while you enjoy your meal. Maine Beer Company is open daily from 11am to 8pm.

What town in Maine has the most breweries?

Portland, Maine
As the US city with the most breweries per capita, Portland, Maine is at the top of every beer lover’s must-visit list.

Why does Maine have so many breweries?

Many if not most brewers in Maine have local ties to the communities where they exist and their love of that city or town is, in fact, one of their primary motivating factors in being there.

Who owns Allagash Brewing?

Rob Tod
Rob Tod founded Allagash Brewing Company in 1995 as a brewery dedicated to Belgian-style beer. Our brewery is still in the same corner of Portland, Maine, where he started, but now distributes to seventeen states (CA, CT, DC, GA, IL (Chicagoland only), MA, MD, ME, NC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, SC, VA, VT).


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