Who does brick have a crush on?

Who does brick have a crush on?

Brick Z

Ryuichi Fujitaka
Love Interest Blossom Z
Family Kouichii Sanacori/Butch (Brother), Yamato Fujisuka/Boomer (Brother) Miyako Gotokuji/Bubbles (Friend) Karou Matsubara/Buttercup (Close Friend) Blossom (Girlfriend)
Height 6’6
Weight 245

Who is Blossom’s crush PPG?

Jared Shapiro
Jared Shapiro is a supporting character in the 2016 reboot of The Powerpuff Girls. He’s Blossom’s romantic interest and crush.

Does blossom have a crush on brick?

Blossom usually gets good grades. She has a crush on Brick, though, they have an open/shy relationship.

Who is buttercup crush?

Buttercup develops a crush on Ace, the leader of the Gangreen Gang.

Does blossom like Dexter?

Blossom loves Dexter more than she ever loved Brick and helps hi in his lab.

Who is Bell in PPG?

Bell is the female and secondary antagonist of Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. She is an original character and is also a Shadowpuff Girl. She is the daughter and creation of Dr. X.

Who is blossoms boyfriend?

Vincent “Vinnie” Bonitardi (played by David Lascher) – Blossom’s on-again, off-again boyfriend. Nick does not always like him, but their relationship improves over time. Vinnie gets along with Blossom’s family for the most part and though he projects a tough-guy image, can be quite sweet at times.

Who is Bubbles boyfriend Powerpuff?

While she seems oblivious to the many boys that love her, she’s already in love with a boy named Cody, a boy on whom she has had a crush ever since she was six years old.

Does buttercup like Butch?

He is Buttercup’s male counterpart and Boyfriend . On occasion, he can be much more aggressive than either of his brothers….Butch.

Butch Uchiha
Likes Bubbles, Blossom,Buttercup Green, Fighting, boy stuff

Do boomers like bubbles?

Boomer is shown to have romantic feelings for Bubbles, who feels the same for him. (An obvious response to the fan letters demanding a Powerpuff/Rowdyruff pairing) He later appears in the episode Bubble Boy, where he is captured by the girls .

How old is Buttercup ppg?

Eye Color Lime Green/ Forest Green (When really mad)
Age 10 (Season 1), 11 (Season 2), 12 (Season 3), 13 (Season 4), 14 (Season 5), 15 (Season 6), 16 (Season 7), 17 (Season 8), 18 (Season 9), 19 (Season 10), 20 (Season 11), 23 (Mysteries)
Birthday April 1 (Aries)
Signature Color Lime Green


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