Who fathered the most babies?

Who fathered the most babies?

15 Men Who Fathered The Most Children8 Ramesses II – More Than 162 Children.7 Mohammed Bello Abubakar – More Than 200.6 Sultan Ibrahim Njoya – 177 Children.5 King Sobhuza II – 210 Children.4 Augustus II The Strong – Possibly 365-382 Children.3 Bertold P. Wiesner – 600 Children.2 Ismail Ibn Sharif – 888 Children.1 Genghis Khan – Possibly Thousands.

Who is the father of Octomom’s babies?

Nadya SulemanSpouse(s)Marcos Gutierrez ​ ​ ( m. 1996; div. 2008)​Partner(s)Denis Beaudoin (1997–99); Frankie G (2012)Children14ParentsEdward Doud Suleman (father) Angela Victoria Suleman (née Stanaitis) (mother)4

Has anyone had 9 babies at once?

A woman in Mexico is pregnant with nine babies, state-owned Notimex reported today. The woman identified as Karla Vanesa Perez Castaneda already has four children, including five-month-old triplets. Reuters said the successful delivery of nonuplets would be one of the highest multiple births ever recorded in the world.

How old are Octomom’s kids now?

‘ As a single parent, she is raising all 14 children on her own, including her 14-year-old son Aidan, who is severely autistic.

Where is Octo mom now?

In 2016, Nadya Suleman filed for bankruptcy and pled no contest to a count of misdemeanor welfare fraud. In lieu of that, she completed community service. Since then, she’s turned her life around for her kids.

What happened to the lady with 8 babies?

“I haven’t had any help in many, many years.” Suleman, now 43, told The Daily Mail last summer that she is working now as a councilor with patients who suffer drug and alcohol issues. She says she lives paycheck-to-paycheck and gets by with government assistance as well as residuals from her adult film.


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