Who is replacing Ant Anstead in Wheeler Dealers?

Who is replacing Ant Anstead in Wheeler Dealers?

Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley
Series 17 of the hit TV series will air in Autumn 2021 on the Discovery Channel, and will be filmed in the UK for the first time in six years. Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley joins as Brewer’s new co-host, while Ant Anstead departs as a series regular.

Why did anstead leave Wheeler Dealers?

Why did Ant Anstead leave Wheeler Dealers? Ant announced that he would be leaving the show and Marc Priestley would be the guy who was going to replace him. The reason why Marc took over was that the show was being filmed in California and was returning back to the U.K. after 6 years of taking on the United States.

Is Wheeler Dealers coming back in 2020?

No, Wheeler Dealers hasn’t been cancelled. In fact, the programme will be back for season 17 in autumn 2021. Mike confirmed the show’s renewal status in a YouTube interview, explaining that Wheeler Dealers will return in a brand new location.

What happened to Ant Anstead and Wheeler Dealers?

Anstead was a TV darling in the U.K. before he transitioned to American screens in 2017 with the series Wheeler Dealers. However, Wheeler Dealers moved back to the U.K., but Ant decided not to return with it.

Why did Christina and ant get divorced?

According to the documents, Christina and Ant both opted out of spousal support and agreed to each pay their own attorney’s fees. Christina cited the reason behind their divorce as “irreconcilable differences.” This custody news came one day after Christina clapped back at “absent mother” claims made against her.

Is Ant Anstead still on Wheeler Dealers 2020?

The father of three, 41, took to Instagram on Monday to announce that he would no longer be a part of the cast of Wheelers Dealers, a car-centric show produced for Discovery U.K. and MotorTrend TV in the U.S. “My time on Wheeler Dealers has come to an end as the show heads back to the UK,” he wrote.

What did Ant Anstead do before Wheeler Dealers?

Early career In 2005 Anstead resigned from the Police to pursue a career as a car builder. He started building and restoring cars for clients and built recreation cars and one-offs. He also built unique pieces of art and sculpture and many of his works are housed globally in museums and private collections.

Is Ant Anstead a qualified mechanic?

Anstead started his own television production company in 2014, producing his own show The World’s Most Expensive Cars. In addition to Master Mechanic, Anstead is also part of the new ‘World’s Greatest Cars’ series.

What is Ant Anstead’s new show?

The first, Celebrity IOU: Joy Ride, a spin-off of Drew and Jonathan Scott’s Celebrity: IOU home renovation series, premiered on Discovery+ in August. Anstead and his co-host Cristy Lee team up with stars including Octavia Spencer and James Marsden to restore vintage cars as a surprise for deserving friends and family.

What happened Edd China?

Edd China, the mechanical genius Wheeler Dealers’ beloved mechanic, is leaving the show after 13 years because its new producers apparently want to dumb it down. Replacing him alongside Mike Brewer will be Ant Anstead, who we also like, and who could be a better fit for the changing format.


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