Who is the fastest celebrity lap on Top Gear?

Who is the fastest celebrity lap on Top Gear?

It’s time for a new reasonably priced car and an array of celebrities to take it out on the track.

Celebrity Time (mins)
Danny Boyle 1.47.8 (w)
Al Murray 1.48.1
Bob Geldof 1.48.1
Jonathan Ross 1.49.0 (w)

Which car did the fastest lap on Top Gear?

Top Gear Track lap times

Rank Vehicle Time
1. Caparo T1 1:10.60
2. Ferrari SF90 Stradale 1:11.30
3. Ferrari 488 Pista 1:12.70
4. Ultima GTR 720 1:12.80

Who was the fastest driver on Top Gear?

Every so often F1 drivers past and present grace the Top Gear studio, but who’s the fastest? Find out how they got on when they swapped their racing cars for the Suzuki Liana or the Kia Cee’d….

F1 driver Time (mins)
Rubens Barichello 1.44.3
The Stig (ll) 1.44.4
Nigel Mansell 1.44.6
Lewis Hamilton 1.44.7 (w)

Who was fastest in the reasonably priced car?

Reasonably Priced Car

Brand Model Fastest Time
Suzuki Liana 1:46.7 – Ellen MacArthur
Chevrolet Lacetti 1:45.83 – Jay Kay
Kia Cee’d 1:42.1 – Matt LeBlanc
Vauxhall Astra 1:44.6 – Olly Murs

Do they speed in Top Gear?

Top Gear is a scripted TV show. filming is done in controlled environments. they dont get speeding tickets because they have the greenlight from police long before filming. The producers of the show contact the local police ahead of time and make arrangements to close the roads.

How much did Ben Collins make as The Stig?

As a member of the wealthy ‘Clifton set’ — Bristol’s answer to the Sloane Rangers — she may have expected to be kept in some style. So it is no wonder that Ben felt forced to branch out — his salary as The Stig was probably no more than £70,000 a year.


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