Who is the girl in Zong ad?

Who is the girl in Zong ad?

Pakistani operator Zong 4G marks has introduced the #humhainone TV ad campaign. The star of the campaign is Pakistani singer Atif Aslam, who hosts international model Polina Chepurnova in a journey through Pakistan.

How many employees are there in Zong?

ZONG has 30 total employees across all of its locations and generates $1.17 million in sales (USD).

What is 4G+ in Zong?

Zong 4G Bolt+ Zong brings you 4G Bolt+ (Huawei), combining speed and convenience like never before. With speeds upto 150 MB on the go, get blazing speed wherever you need. 4G Bolt+ (Huawei) is a portable device which acts as a mobile hotspot and connects upto 10 users.

Is Zong Chinese company?

Zong is a 100% subsidiary of China Mobile. It is Pakistan’s second largest GSM mobile service provider and third largest mobile service in terms of subscriber base of 42 million.

How many Zong are in Pakistan?

Zong 4G is leading the 4G industry with over 19M Million 4G subscribers and more than 14,000 4G sites nationwide.

Is Zong 5G?

The company made accelerated progress towards 5G testing in Pakistan becoming the first company to successfully test 5G services in Pakistan last year. Zong is backed by China Mobile Communications Company, the world’s largest telecommunication company with over 188,000 5G base stations in over 50 cities in China.

Does Zong offer e sim?

Hi Hassan, currently Zong is not offering E SIM.

What is the code of Zong free WhatsApp?

Simply dial *247# and enjoy all features of WhatsApp anywhere and everywhere on Pakistan’s largest 4G network. All features of WhatsApp are included in this offer, including: Video & voice calls. Video sharing & downloading.

How can I make free call on Zong?

  1. ” = Limited Time Offer.
  2. ** = All Zong Numbers.
  3. You can subscribe to ZONG Free Package by dialing 908 with onetime charges of Rs.
  4. Balance validity is based on re-charge.
  5. The free number can be modified only once every month.
  6. You can choose to unsubscribe from Break Time offer by calling 310.

Does Zong have towers?

Zong enjoys a cellular network and 4G coverage supremacy in Pakistan with more than14,000 4G towers and over 37 million customers. The company is highly customer-centric, focusing on delivering a comprehensive connectivity solution to its subscribers that’s built on their evolving needs.

Does Pakistan have 5G?

Pakistan is planning to roll out the most advanced 5G internet in 2023 with the market size of the country’s telecom industry growing to USD 16.9 billion after attracting USD 1.2 billion in foreign direct investments in the last three years, according to a media report on Tuesday.


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