Who is the host of Big Boy TV?

Who is the host of Big Boy TV?

Big Boy (born Kurt Alexander; September 8, 1969) is a nationally syndicated American radio host and actor….Big Boy (radio host)

Big Boy
Years active 1990s–present
Spouse(s) Veronica Alexander
Website radiobigboy.com real923la.com BigBoyOnDemand.com

Who is Big Boy married to?

Veronica Alexander
Big Boy/Spouse

Who is Natalia Perez?

Next up in our series is radio host and on-air personality Natalia Perez, co-host of the nationally syndicated hip-hop radio show ‘Big Boy’s Neighborhood’ on 92.3FM. She started from the ground up, working her way from the street team, then board operator and producer before joining legendary radio personality Big Boy.

Why did AYYD leave bigboy?

Within a year and a half she had moved up to Producer of that Spanish morning show and when layoffs hit the company, she could not be stopped! Devoted and determined, Ayyde’ continued to pursue her dream and was called back for a position on the Street Team for Clear Channel (iHeart Media) in Los Angeles.

How old is Kurt Alexander?

52 years (September 8, 1969)
Big Boy/Age

Did Big Boy have surgery?

Big Boy had what is known as the duodenal switch surgery. More than 70 percent of his stomach was removed, and his intestines were rerouted. Eight years later, he maintains his weight right around 200 pounds.

How old is bigboy?

Who is Monica sett?

Monica graduated from UCLA with a major in Math and Economics and a minor in Music Industry in 2015. She is now working for iHeartMedia as a Social Media Manager for the radio station Real 92.3 and the Big Boy’s Neighborhood morning show.

Where is the big boy 4014 now?

The locomotive was retired in December 1961, having traveled 1,031,205 miles in its 20 years in service. Union Pacific reacquired No. 4014 from the RailGiants Museum in Pomona, California, in 2013, and relocated it back to Cheyenne to begin a multi-year restoration process. It returned to service in May 2019.

How much does Big Boy weigh now?

Union Pacific Big Boy

Tender weight 4884-1: 427,500 lb (193,910 kg) 4884-2: 436,500 lb (198,000 kg)
Total weight 4884-1: 1,189,500 lb (539,500 kg) 4884-2: 1,208,750 lb (548,300 kg)
Fuel type Coal (No. 4014 converted to No. 5 fuel oil)
Fuel capacity 28 short tons (25.4 t; 25.0 long tons)


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