Who is the mastermind of Prison Break?

Who is the mastermind of Prison Break?

Michael Scofield
Michael Scofield mentioned as “the mastermind” in a season 3 promo.

What happens in Prison Break Season 4 Episode 22?

The official end to Season 4 of Prison Break showed Sara, Lincoln, Sucre, and Michael Jr. visiting Michael’s grave and celebrating his life. In the special, Michael sacrifices himself to break Sara out of prison (it’s a long story), and essentially electrocutes himself to save her and their child.

Is Prison Break real?

A real prison setting If Fox River does not exist, Prison Break was filmed in an actual prison. That of Joliet Correctional Center in Illinois, closed in 2002. So, the interior scenes were not shot in studio, but in a jailhouse. The same goes for the footage in the yard and in the infirmary.

Who does Lincoln end up with?

Lincoln Burrows
Family Aldo Burrows (adoptive father) Christina Rose Scofield (adoptive mother) Michael Scofield (adoptive brother) Sara Tancredi (sister-in-law) Lincoln “L. J.” Burrows Jr. (son via Lisa) Michael Scofield Jr. (adoptive nephew)
Spouse Lisa Rix
Significant others Veronica Donovan SofĂ­a Lugo Sheba

How is Scofield alive in Season 5?

With the evidence planted by Michael and Theroux’s testimony, Michael is exonerated and his identity as Michael Scofield is restored. He refuses an offer to join the CIA and returns to a normal life with Sara and Mike.

Why is Michael dead at the end of Season 4?

The show first ended with Prison Break season 4, which revealed in a flashforward that Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) died, presumably of the terminal brain cancer he was diagnosed with.

Who was Michael Scofield’s wife?

Sara Tancredi Nika Volek

Michael Scofield
Occupation Structural engineer
Family Aldo Burrows (father) Christina Rose Scofield (mother) Lincoln Burrows (adoptive brother) Lincoln “L. J.” Burrows Jr. (nephew) Michael “Mike” Scofield Jr. (son via Sara)
Spouses Sara Tancredi Nika Volek (unconsummated)


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