Who Killed The Zutons Wiki?

Who Killed The Zutons Wiki?

The Zutons? is the debut studio album by the English rock band The Zutons, released via Deltasonic on 19 April 2004. The album’s last known sales are that of 581,088 as of July 2006.

What happened to Zutons?

The Zutons are an English indie rock band, formed in 2001 in Liverpool. The band quietly disbanded in 2009, several months after they released the third studio album, You Can Do Anything in June 2008, with no official announcement.

Where did The Zutons come from?

Liverpool, United Kingdom
The Zutons/Origin

Who is the girl in The Zutons?

Meet Valerie Star – the subject of The Zutons’ classic track, which was made famous by Mark Ronson and the late Amy Winehouse. The woman who inspired The Zutons’ 2006 hit, Valerie, has spoken out.

Who Killed The Zutons LP?

The Zutons (2004, Vinyl) – Discogs….The Zutons – Who Killed…… The Zutons.

Label: Deltasonic Records – DLTLP019, Deltasonic Records – DLTCD023
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album CD, Compilation, Limited Edition
Country: UK
Released: Oct 18, 2004
Genre: Rock

Where is Dave McCabe now?

McCabe currently plays bass guitar in Liverpool alternative rock band SILENT-K.

What happened to Abi Harding?

Now 26, Harding lives in Liverpool with her boyfriend of six years, Zutons drummer Sean Payne.

Who wrote Valerie originally?

Valerie (Zutons song)

Label Deltasonic
Songwriter(s) Abi Harding Boyan Chowdhury Dave McCabe Russ Pritchard Sean Payne
Producer(s) Stephen Street
The Zutons singles chronology

Who is Valerie in the Zutons song?

The Zutons

Who Killed The Zutons discogs?

The Zutons | Releases | Discogs….Tracklist.

Zuton Fever… 3:08
Confusion… 3:32
Havana Gang Brawl… 4:30
Railroad… 3:39
Long Time Coming… 2:20

What is the discography of The Zutons?

The Zutons discography. This article gives the discography for the English rock band The Zutons. Between their formation in 2001 and 2008 they released three studio albums and 14 singles, nine of which entered the top 40 UK singles chart. The band released their debut album, entitled “Who Killed……

When did The Zutons release Tired of hanging around?

In 2006 The Zutons released their second album, Tired of Hanging Around. It sold very well and reached number 2 in the UK album chart going Platinum. From this album, they released four singles: ” Why Won’t You Give Me Your Love?

When did Valerie by The Zutons come out?

The Zutons? in May 2004 and achieved chart success with ” Why Won’t You Give Me Your Love? ” and ” Valerie “, both taken from their second studio album Tired of Hanging Around in 2006. Both singles reached number 9 in the UK Singles Chart .

When did The Zutons perform on Jools Holland’s Hootenanny?

In October 2006, they performed at The Secret Policeman’s Ball. On New Year’s Eve 2006, the Zutons appeared on Jools Holland ‘s annual Hootenanny on BBC television on which they performed their songs “Valerie”, “Why Don’t You Give Me Your Love?” and “It’s The Little Things We Do.”


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