Who makes holmium lasers?

Who makes holmium lasers?

VersaPulse™ PowerSuite™ Holmium Lasers – Boston Scientific.

What is a holmium laser?

Holmium laser prostate surgery is a minimally invasive treatment for an enlarged prostate. Also called holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP), the procedure uses a laser to remove tissue that is blocking urine flow through the prostate.

What type of laser is a holmium laser?

Summary and background data: The holmium: YAG laser is a solid-state, pulsed laser that emits light at 2100 nm. It combines the qualities of the carbon dioxide and neodymium:YAG lasers providing both tissue cutting and coagulation in a single device.

How long does it take to recover from Holep surgery?

How long is the healing process? Most patients need at least one to two weeks of rest at home before they can return to work. Some patients may require three to four weeks of recovery time before going back to work, especially if the job is physically strenuous.

How much does BPH surgery cost?

The average cost of enlarged prostate surgery in India is approximately Rs. 1,17,500 (one lakh seventeen thousand five hundred only). However, cost of enlarged prostate operation in India vary depending upon type of surgery at different hospitals in different cities.

What is VersaPulse laser?

VersaPulse® is a green light laser routinely utilized by California Skin Institute providers to help patients address vascular lesions. This laser technology was designed to coagulate blood vessels on the face and body, to treat issues like spider veins, rosacea, broken capillaries, and much more.

What is Moses technology?

Lumenis recently developed a new laser technology called Moses technology, which has improved stone fragmentation capacity by increased energy transmission in water and reduced stone retropulsion in in vitro and animal studies. Relative holmium:YAG laser power transmission through water using regular and Moses modes.

How long does bleeding last after prostate laser surgery?

After the procedure: The patients might see blood in the urine for a few days to one week after the surgery. However, if the blood is thick then the blood may clot and block the urine flow.

How painful is HoLEP surgery?

Doing so before your body has fully recovered may cause complications and limit the benefit you will receive from your operation. of our specialist nurses who will remove the catheter for you. It is a very quick procedure and should not be painful.


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