Who owns Millaquin mill?

Who owns Millaquin mill?

Bundaberg Sugar’s
Today, Bundaberg Sugar’s operations include the Millaquin and Bingera sugar mills, the Bundaberg Refinery and packaging plant, Bundaberg Walkers Engineering and Bundaberg Molasses.

Is Bundaberg sugar australian owned?

Bundaberg Sugar is a grower, miller, refiner, and marketer of sugar and related products in Australia. The company is one of Australia’s largest cane growers and owns and operates sugar mills in Queensland.

Where is Millaquin mill?

Bundaberg Sugar’s Millaquin sugar mill is situated near the Burnett River in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia.

Where is Bundaberg sugar made?

The majority of its operations are in Queensland, with farms and mills located in a number of significant cane growing areas from atherton Tableland in far north Queensland to South Queensland. Bundaberg Sugar participates in all levels of the raw sugar industry in the districts in which it operates.

What sugar is Australian owned?

Sunshine Sugar is the only 100% Australian grown, made and owned raw and refined sugar manufacturer.

Who owns Bundy sugar?

Bundaberg Sugar Group Ltd.
Bundaberg Sugar Ltd./Parent organizations

Is CSR sugar Australia owned?

CSR Limited is a major Australian industrial company, producing building products and having a 25% share in the Tomago aluminium smelter located near Newcastle, New South Wales. In 2010, CSR sold its sugar and ethanol business, which had been given the name Sucrogen in 2009, to the Singaporean company Wilmar.

What is Sunshine sugar?

Sunshine Sugar is the only 100% Australian grown, made and owned raw and refined sugar manufacturer. Sunshine Sugar owns and operates sugar mills at Harwood, Broadwater and Condong and a refinery co-located at Harwood.

Who owns Condong sugar mill?

The NSW Sugar Milling Co-operative is comprised of some 500 cane farming families in the Northern Rivers region of the state. The Manildra Group is an international agribusiness owned and operated by the Honan family in NSW.

How many sugar mills are Australian owned?

Australian Sugar Milling Council members own and run 18 sugar mills, which produce 93% of Australia’s raw sugar.

Who owns Australian sugar?

Wilmar International
Wilmar Sugar Australia is a subsidiary of the Singapore-based company Wilmar International that incorporates sugar production business and renewable energy cogeneration.

Who owns Sunshine sugar?

Manildra Group
Sunshine Sugar is a partnership between the grower-owned NSW Sugar Milling Co-operative and the Australian family-owned business, Manildra Group; and is the only 100% Australian owned producer of raw and refined sugar products.


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