Who owns NTV in Uganda?

Who owns NTV in Uganda?

Nation Media Group
According to GeoPoll, together with NBS, they have got higher COVID-19 lockdown viewership. In 2014, it was alleged that NTV Uganda had wanted to buy NBS Television….NTV Uganda.

Branding NTV Uganda
Founded 6 December 2006 by Nation Media Group
Headquarters Serena, Kampala, Uganda
Parent NTV Kenya
Launch date October 8, 1963

Does NTV have an app?

The NTV News app delivers news, weather and sports in an instant. With the new and fully redesigned app you can watch live newscasts, get up-to-the minute local and national news, weather and traffic conditions and stay informed via notifications alerting you to breaking news and local events.

How can I watch Uganda channels online?

Free Online Ugandan TV: Here’s how you can watch Ugandan TV stations Live Online

  1. NTV Uganda. NTV Uganda is certainly one of the premium TV stations in Uganda majorly targeted towards the elite audience.
  2. NBS Uganda.
  3. Bukedde TV.
  4. WBS TV(Bought by Kwese TV)
  5. UBC TV.
  6. Streaming Apps.

When did NTV started?

NTV began broadcasting in 1996 being the first 24-hour news channel in Turkey. In January 1999, it became a member of the Doğuş Media Group.

Who is the founder of NTV?

Chairman Narendra Choudary Tummala
NTV Chairman Narendra Choudary Tummala promises that their content and the way of treatment will be different from other channels. NTV’s parent company Rachana Television Pvt. Ltd (RTPL) also owns India’s first women’s channel, Vanitha TV.

Who is the head of NTV Uganda?

Aggie Konde –
Aggie Konde – Managing Director – NTV Uganda | LinkedIn.

What channel is NTV?

CJON-DT, virtual and UHF digital channel 21, branded on-air as NTV (short for Newfoundland Television), is an English-language independent television station licensed to St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Is NTV free?

NTV (Cyrillic: НТВ) is a Russian free-to-air television channel that was launched as a subsidiary of Vladimir Gusinsky’s company Media-Most.

How can I watch live channels?

Watch your channels

  1. On your Android TV, go to the Home screen.
  2. Scroll down to the “Apps” row.
  3. Select the Live Channels app.
  4. Press the Select button.
  5. Select the Program guide.
  6. Choose your channel.

What is the meaning of NTV?


Acronym Definition
NTV National Television
NTV Nepal Television
NTV Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori (Italian high speed train company)
NTV Noticias Televisión

Who owned NTV?

NTV (Kenyan TV channel)

Owner Nation Media Group
Launched 4 April 2005
Former names Nation TV



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