Who wrote O Waly Waly?

Who wrote O Waly Waly?

Pete SeegerWater Is Wide / LyricistPeter Seeger was an American folk singer and social activist.
A fixture on nationwide radio in the 1940s, Seeger also had a string of hit records during the early 1950s as a member of the Weavers, most notably their recording of Lead Belly’s “Goodnight, Irene”, which topped the charts for 13 weeks in 1950. Wikipedia

Who wrote Viva La Vida?

Chris Martin
Guy BerrymanJonny BucklandWill Champion
Viva la Vida/Composers

What is meaning of Vive la France?

long live France
“Vive la France”, “Vive la liberté” are French expressions to show your patriotism. “Vive la France” translates as “hurray for France”, or sometimes as “long live France”, depending on the context. The French use many symbols and expressions to show their patriotism.

Who Write The Water is Wide?

THE WATER IS WIDE is Pat Conroy’s extraordinary memoir based on his experience as the only teacher in a two-room schoolhouse, working with children the world had pretty much forgotten.

Who wrote the song The Water is Wide?

Pete SeegerWater Is Wide / Lyricist


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