Why is the moon so close in Skyrim?

Why is the moon so close in Skyrim?

It’s the joke the designers settled on. Everything about the game is merely a decision that someone made. For what it is worth, the Moon used to be closer to the Earth, close enough to appear as big as Masser in the skies over Tamriel.

What is the Skyrim planet called?

The Elder Scrolls games primarily take place on the continent of Tamriel, located on the planet of Nirn.

Is Nirn real?

Nirn is the mortal plane/planet. Some believe Lorkhan(whose bones form the physical body of Nirn)forced the Original Spirits to create the mortal plane for his own desires. Another theory is that Lorkhan tricked the Original Spirits to create Nirn. Both are neither true nor false.

Is Nirn a Daedric realm?

Nirn is not a Daedric realm because Daedric realms are solipsistic playgrounds under the full control of their reigning Prince, whereas Nirn is a mortal planet formed from and defined by the Earthbones, which are the corpses of lesser Aedra.

What is outside Tamriel?

There are several continents outside Tamriel. There is Atmora to the north which is said to be the home of Men. Ysgramor was from Atmora. There is Akavir to the east which is home to the Tsaesci and other races.

How big is NIRN vs Earth?

Earth’s surface is roughly 71 percent water, and if Tamriel is the same it means that Nirn’s total area is 7,197 square miles. That’s right in between the sizes of Connecticut and New Jersey.

What is Mundus?

Mundus, one of the Latin words for “world”

Who is the last dwemer?

Yagrum Bagarn is a resident of the Corprusarium and the last known living Dwemer. He is infected with Corprus, and can only move around with the help of a modified Centurion Spider’s lower half. He is a good friend of Divayth Fyr, a powerful and ancient mage who oversees the Corprusarium and Tel Fyr.

Is Mundus a universe?

The term “Mundus” is Latin for “world” or “universe.”

What is a magna GE?

The Magna Ge (singular: Magna Get), also known as Magne-Ge, Children of Magnus, or Star Orphans, are a group of Et’Ada who followed Magnus into Aetherius when he fled Mundus during the Dawn Era.


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