Why was the Tango advert banned?

Why was the Tango advert banned?

Lord Borrie, the Advertising Standards Authority chairman, took the unprecedented decision to ban the advert ahead of a formal investigation because of fears it could encourage children to copy the stunt. …

What year was the Tango advert banned?

In 2004, the Pipes advertisement from the campaign, which drew comparisons to Orange Man in the media, was banned, becoming the last Tango advertisement to do so; however the ban was not because children had already injured themselves, but because there were fears that children were going to.

Who did the tango advert?

Gil Scott Heron – You’ve Been Tango’d. During the 1990s a series of TV adverts took the nation by storm, virtually started the whole concept of viral and guerrilla advertising and best of all for us; featured Gil Scott-Heron uttering the immortal words – you know when you’ve been Tango’d.

What does you’ve been tangoed mean?

Basically, a man painted orange appears on scene and runs around three of men (one of whom is drinking Tango) before slapping the one with the Tango across the cheeks, then the slogan “You know when you’ve been Tangoed!”.

Where is tango drink from?

the United Kingdom
Tango is a soft drink originating in the United Kingdom, primarily sold in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It was first launched by Corona in 1950. Corona was purchased by the Beecham Group in 1958, and Corona Soft Drinks by Britvic in 1987.

What happened Turbo Tango?

Conversation. Does Turbo Tango still exist? unfortunately we stopped selling Turbo Tango, but thanks for the feedback, fingers crossed it’ll make a comeback one day!

Can you still buy tango?

Some variants are still sold, but most have been discontinued. Tango Clear was also available for a limited time before being discontinued in 2007. The orange flavour was the only original flavour, and for this reason is the flagship flavour of the brand.

Can you still buy Apple tango?

We are saying goodbye to Apple Tango but, for now, the best places to find it are in Subway, corner shops, independent retailers and wholesalers rather than the supermarkets.


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