ZANTI APK Features, Downloading and Installation Steps

ZANTI APK Features, Downloading and Installation Steps

There is a wide range of free and premium mobile apps available on the internet which is really useful for the people. Out of which, one is zANTI APK. The ultimate app is a mobile penetration testing toolkit trough which the security manager can access the risk level of the network with a push of a button.

ZANTI APK has a mobile tool kit that allows the IT Administrator to stimulate the attackers to find the malicious techniques that they use in the wild to compromise with the corporate network. If you want to secure your data, then this application will be helpful for you.

Features of zANTI APK

zANTI APK is an important app to use for all the smartphone users as it helps in securing of your data. The app has other features too which are also very much beneficial for a user. Here, we are describing the main features of zANTI application.

  • Scan – The app helps in conducting the network scans in different intensity level to identify the connected devices and their vulnerabilities and properties.
  • Diagnose – It helps the security offices to find an organization’s network easily and diagnose all the risks with single click.
  • Report – Dash-report helps in arranging all the data in a report through which a user can see the risks and take the appropriate action to fix the security critical issues.

Downloading Steps

Follow the below steps to download this powerful kit and make your device totally safe and secure from any kind of malware attack.

  1. Search the link on the web to download zANTI APK.
  2. Click on the link to start downloading.
  3. Complete the required information: Enter Name and Enter Email Address.
  4. Now click on ‘Download’ button to download the APK.
  5. Then you can see ‘Ongoing Download’.
  6. Once it has done, then it shows ‘Download Completed’.

Installation Steps

  1. Click on the APK (Android installation) file.
  2. Enable ‘Unknown Sources’ in your device. For that, tap ‘Settings’ and follow the procedure to opt the result. Go to Settings >> Security >> Administration >> Unknown Sources >> Check.
  3. Check the ‘Unknown Sources’.
  4. Tap ‘Ok’ to Continue.
  5. Tap ‘Next’.
  6. Click ‘Install’.
  7. Installation in Progress
  8. Accept Google Check
  9. Application Installed.
  10. Open zANTI
  11. Accept the ROOT PRIVILEGES to use the full functions of zANTI.
  12. Tap Grant.
Pros and Cons

Each and every app has its own pros and cons. All the pros and cons of zANTI APK are described below:


  • Easy to download and install.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • The app is very much beneficial for IT administrators and Security officers.
  • Diagnose efficiency.
  • Well written reports.
  • Easy to use, therefore, wrong people can misuse it.
  • Good for the hackers as they can use this app to hack the devices.

It is one of the essential apps to download. You can check more details of the application before downloading it which will help you to understand the procedure.


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